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16 Port Video, Power And Data Distribution Unit

The Nitek 16 Port Video, Power and Data Receiver PVR164 is a head-end distribution system for video, power and data for control. The system provides these functions for 16 cameras. The unit can be rack mounted at the head-end location. The PVR164, a component of the UTPLinks structured cabling system, is a self-contained video, power and data distribution unit that uses the RJ45 jacks to combine video, power and data over a four pair category cable to each camera location. The PVR164 unit allows for a seamless transition from a traditional coaxial installation to a future-proof UTP cabling infrastructure. The system is designed to easily integrate with other Nitek UTP video equipment.

A practical solution in a wide range of applications, the PVR164 is sure to become a preferred product of system designers and installers alike. Once connected, the PVR164 provides camera voltage from the power insertion device to each camera location through a standard category cable. The cable terminates with a standard RJ45 jack for quick and secure connections. When used with a Nitek VB43ATF balun at the camera location, video, data and power will be separated using Niteks reliable video balun technology. The PVR164 and a DVR are ready to communicate in a matter of minutes by simply connecting a standard coaxial cable between the BNC outputs of the PVR164 and the BNC inputs of the DVR.

The systems can also adapt to existing communication and computer network spare pairs or new cable installations. These units provide superior immunity from noise and interference, even when run in common raceways with AC.

PVR164 features include:

  • High quality video over ordinary twisted pair cable
  • Video, power and data over one Category cable
  • High immunity to noise and interference
  • LEDs to indicate power and data detection
  • RJ45 jacks for quick and secure connections
  • Can utilize Nitek's PS115 or any 3rd party power supply
Camera Port RJ45 Connector
Data In 2 wire push-in terminals
Video Out BNC Connector
Power Screw Terminals for 16-24 AWG wire
Power Requirements Class 2 Low Voltage
Temperature Range -20 degrees C to 55 degrees C
Humidity Range 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Shipping Weight 5 lbs


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