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Industrial & Machine Vision Optics
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8 mm F/1.4 1" Megapixel, manual focus and iris with locking screws

Navitar's NMV-8M1 video lenses are the benchmark against which all lenses should be measured. Quality construction, coupled with precision engineering, result in video optics that are sharp, high resolution and optically precise.

The NMV-8M1 Video lenses from Navitar are the ideal choice for applications ranging from PC board inspection to viewing glass bottles on a production line.

Focal Length (mm) 8
F-Stop Iris Range 1.4-16
Iris Control Manual*
Focus Control Manual*
Object Area (mm) at M.O.D. (HxV); 1" 196 x 143
Object Area (mm) at M.O.D. (HxV); 2/3" 130 x 96
Object Area (mm) at M.O.D. (HxV); 1/2" 93 x 69
Object Area (mm) at M.O.D. (HxV); 1/3" 70 x 52
Object Area (mm) at M.O.D. (HxV); 1/4" 47 x 35
Focusing Range (meters) 0.1 - inf
Mount Type C


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