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Zoom Chassis Camera

The Hitachi DISC110 is a compact chassis-type camera offers unparalleled low light performance for video applications seeking HD digital video output. A built-in zoom lens permits the user to monitor the scene from variable viewing angles - ranging from wide to telephoto. And remote focus, iris and zoom control are possible with the RS-232C connection. These features plus a 1/3-inch 1.3megapixel color CCD sensor makes the DI SC110 suitable for surveillance, traffic, low vision, in car video or telepresence applications.

The DI-SC110 is a chassis camera that outputs digital video at 1280x720, 30fps. The DISC110 built in X18 optical zoom lens is highly reliable and offers auto focus, auto iris and zoom functions, letting the user monitor a scene from any desired angle of view. In conjunction with X12 digital zoom, the total zoom ratio is X216. The IR Cut Filter function when enabled improves picture quality in low light. The chassis is equipped with a 1.3 Megapixel 1/3 inch CCD sensor. Effective resolution at 1280x960 is 800TV lines.

Video Output: YUV422 Y8bit C8bit HSYNC VSYNC Clock
Frame Noise Reduction: This feature reduces the amount of video noise in low light.
(Artificial Intelligence) Digital Signal Processing Control: Auto Iris = Adjusts iris so that video output is kept at a fixed level, even if surrounding illumination changes. Auto White Balance = Provides natural color reproduction according to ambient lighting.
Remote Control through RS-232C: Remote operations are possible via the RS-232C, which allows control of the camera's focus, iris and zoom.
2H Vertical Enhancer: Vertical edges are digitally enhanced to make recorded images clear and stable - useful when monitoring a moving object.

Video Surveillance: In corporate, medical, learning institutes and other public places, security camera solutions offer a peace of mind.
Video Traffic Management: Monitoring and responding to ongoing road activity in residential and business areas.
Video In Car Video: Hybrid use of a camera used in a vehicle.
Video Telepresence: Conference type solutions in business or learning institutions.
Video Low Vision Magnifier: Video technology for sight impaired individuals.

→ Hitachi DSP 8 camera control
→ 18X Optical Zoom F1.6 and practical f value 4.7-84.6mm
→ IR Cut Filter Removed for Day/Night Capability
→ 1.8 lux typical sensitivity, 50 IRE, 0.02 lux IR Cut Filter Off
→ YUV422 16 bit Digital Output Modes, 1280x720 30fps, 1280x960 20fps at 36MHz clock frequency
→ 1/3" Megapixel Progressive Scan Ex-View Color CCD
→ 800 TV Lines of Resolution
→ Frame Noise Reduction, Wide Dynamic Range, Dynamic Spot Cancel
→ Privacy Masking 2 Zone, 2-D, 8 Zone 3-D, 4/1 Screen
→ Operating Temperature 0-60 degrees C

The Hitachi DISC110 is the industry's first compact zoom chassis camera equipped with a high-definition 1.3-megapixel CCD and digital output capabilities. A high-resolution lens and sensor and high-speed auto-focus system combine with the latest digital signal processing technology to generate superior color reproduction and frame noise reduction, producing high-quality surveillance images, including details of license plates, clothing and facial features that can serve as vital evidence. The Hitachi DI SC110 contributes this high performance to the evolving filed of digital surveillance systems.

High-definition 1.3-megapixel image quality (Diagram)
Equipped with a high-performance lens and high-resolution CCD, the Hitachi DI-SC110 captures images with approximately four times more pixels* than conventional analog chassis cameras, white state-of-the-art digital signal processing ensures highly accurate color reproduction and exceptional image quality.

This high-performance zoom chassis camera is capable of capturing details of license plates, clothing, and facial features, producing security surveillance images that can serve as vital evidence. Accurate color reproduction is another factor that enhances security performance in a variety of scenarios.
* Maximum resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels

18x optical zoom 12x digital zoom*
High-resolution imaging performance is augmented by high-power zoom capabilities. And despite this powerful zoom performance, the compact DISC110 is no longer than conventional analog chassis cameras. The 18x optical zoom captures details at a distance, white Hitachi's proprietary auto-focus system makes it possible to track rapidly moving subjects. Combined with the 12x digital zoom*, the DI SC110 can deliver a maximum zoom factor of 216x.
*Digital zoom can be sued in 4:3 aspect ratio output mode

Technology for low-light performance
The latest digital signal processor makes it possible to capture high-resolution images in illumination as low as 1.8 lx. And Hitachi's proprietary image processing technology maximizes performance in a wide range of lighting conditions.

Frame noise reduction* (Diagram)
Hitachi's frame noise reduction* minimizes after-images often associated with moving subjects, making it suited to a variety of surveillance scenarios. Producing accurate, clear images even in challenging low-light conditions, this technology also facilitates image compression in network camera systems.
*Frame noise reduction can be used in 27MHz clock frequency output mode

Digital slow shutter
Digital processing enables a slow function that boosts sensitivity up to a maximum 1/4-second exposure time, based on the brightness of the subject. Compared to standard 1.8 lx minimum subject illumination, this function permits capture of clear images in illumination as low as 0.5 lx.

Removable IR cut filter (Diagram)
In daylight conditions, the IR cut filter ensures clear, high-quality color images. At night or in other very low light situations, the IR cut filter in the DI-SC110 is automatically removed to allow capture of bright, high-contrast black and white images.

Digital output for transmission of high-quality images (Diagram)
The Hitachi DISC110 supports digital output of image signals, maximizing camera performance by permitting transmission of lossless, low-noise image data with no need for decoding.

Wide dynamic range mode (Diagram)
This mode automatically compensates for situations in which backlighting or variable illumination make it difficult to identify facial features or other subject details, ensuring clear, glare-free images in a variety of lighting conditions.

Privacy zone masking function (Diagram)
This function makes it possible to mask the camera's view of windows, entrances and other areas subject to privacy concerns. The position and size of the mask is maintained even when the camera pans, tilts, or zooms, making the DI-SC110 particularly suitable for surveillance of public areas.

Motion detect function
This function triggers an alarm when motion is detected in designated areas of the surveillance frame. Motion detection can be activated in as many as eight frame blocks out of a total of 64.

Digital Image Flip* (Diagram)
Digital image flip* makes it possible to flip images vertically or horizontally, enabling tracking of subject moving underneath the camera in a single continuous shot.
*Digital image flip can be used in 27MHz clock frequency output mode

Outer Camera Dimensions

Available Chassis Camera Cables:
→ 40 pin Micro Coaxial Cable
→ 36 pin Flat Flexible Cable

Image Size 6mm Dia.(TYPE 1/3)
Effective Pixels 1.3M(1296 x 966)
Progressive Scan YES
Output Pixels/Frame Rate 1280(H) x 720(V)/30fps*, 25fps, 22.5fps; 1280(H) x 960(V)/20fps, 16.7fps, 15fps
Lens Optical Zoom: 18x (f=4.7-84.6mm); Practical f-value: 4.7-84.6mm; Practical H.angle: 55.2°(w)*-3.2°(t); F-value: F1.6(w)-F2.8(t)
Focus Auto: VAF; Manual(Far/Near): Provided(soft); Focal Range(setting): infinity-1m (t)-0.01m (w)* (soft)
IR Removable Auto: Pro.AER ; Manual(ON/0FF): Provided (soft)
Durability Zoom/Focus/Iris: 500k cycles; IR Removable: 50k cycles
Serial Interface Method: speed; RS-232C: 57.6k/38.4k/19.2k/9.6k/4.8k* bps
RS232C logic voltage level 3.3V
Functions Digital Slow Shutter: YES; Wide Dynamic Range: OFF*/ON (soft)
Image Freeze OFF*/ON (soft)
Mirror OFF*/ON (soft)
Privacy Masking OFF/ON* [2 zone 2-D/8 zone 3-D*(4/1screen)] (soft)
Motion Detect OFF*/ON (soft)
Various customizable settings YES[Preset store(max.111), WB tuning]
Dynamic Spot Cancel YES
Electrical Shutter Sensitivity Max. 1/4s (soft)
Iris Auto*/(offset: soft); BLC: OFF*/ON (soft)
White Balance Auto*/(manu:soft)
Resolution Horizontal(Typ.) 600TVL (1280 x 720 pixels); 800TVL (1280 x 960 pixels)
Min. Sensitivity (Typ.) IR-cut ON (1/30s): 1.8lx; IR-cut OFF (1/4s): 0.02lx; Condition: F1.6 (w), 50IRE
Sync System Interval
Power Supplied voltage: 9-12VDC; Supplied current (@9V) all motors inactive: 260 mA; Supplied current (@9V) Focus/Zoom motors active): 450 mA; Supplied current max (@9V) Focus/Zoom/IR montors active: 600 mA; Consumption max. (@9V in): 5.4W
Video Output (Digital) YUV422, Y8bit C8bit HSYNC VSYNC Clock
Digital Clock Frequency 36MHz (1280 x 720 x 30fps, 1280 x 960 x 20fps); 30MHz (1280 x 720 x 25fps, 1280 x 960 x 16.7fps); 27MHz (1280 x 720 x 22.5fps, 1280 x 960 x 15fps)
Dimension (W x H x D) 50 x 60 x 89mm (w/M-case)
Weight Approx. 250g (w/M-case)
No. of Connectors 2 (36pin FFC/40pin micro coaxial)
Operating Temp. (Recommended) 0-60°C (0-40°C)

*Default Mode

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