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1/2" Monochrome Progressive Scan Camera

The JAI CV A10CL uses the latest generation of monochrome progressive scan 1/2" CCD sensors with 768 x 576 pixels resolution, which fits inside the SVGA resolution envelope. The 1/2" format has the advantage of a large pixel size (8.3 x 8.3 μm), which results in higher sensitivity. The compact form factor of makes the CVA10CL camera ideal for a majority of industrial applications.

JAI offers newer products with similar functionality as the CV-A10CL. The CV-A10CL will be phased out in near future and JAI recommends that this product is not considered for new design-in projects. Please contact JAI to hear about alternative products.

→ Compact 1/2" progressive scan monochrome camera
→ Camera Link equivalent of the popular CV-M10
→ 782 (h) x 582 (v) 8.37μm square pixels
→ 60 fps with full resolution
→ 250 with 1/8 partial scan
→ Vertical and horizontal binning for higher frame rates and sensitivity
→ High speed shutter from 1/60 to 1/300,000 second
→ 8 or 10 bit output via Camera Link
→ Edge pre-select, pulse width and sensor gate trigger modes
→ Programmable exposure, auto shutter and smearless readout
→ Reset Continuous Trigger (RCT)
→ Iris video output, auto shutter and AGC allow a wider light range
→ LVAL synchronous or asynchronous accumulation
→ Setup by Windows NT/2000/XP software via RS 232C or Camera Link

Scanning system Progressive scan
Pixel clock 36.15 MHz
Line frequency 37.5 kHz (964 pixel clock/line)
Frame rate for full frame 60 frames/sec. (625 lines/frame)
CCD sensor 1/2" progressive scan monochrome
Sensing area 6.4 (h) x 4.8 (v) mm
Cell size 8.3 (h) x 8.3 (v) μm
Effective pixels 782 (h) x 582 (v)
Pixels in video output, Full 768 (h) x 576 (v) 60 fps
Pixels in video output, 1/2 partial 768 (h) x 287 (v) 112 fps
Pixels in video output, 1/4 partial 768 (h) x 143 (v) 177 fps
Pixels in video output, 1/8 partial 768 (h) x 71 (v) 250 fps
Sensitivity on sensor 0.1 Lux (Max. gain, 50% video)
S/N ratio >55 dB
Digital video output 8 or 10 bits in Camera Link
Iris video output. Analogue 0.7 Vpp
Gain Manual - automatic
Gain range -3 to 12 dB
Synchronization Int. X-tal. Ext. HD/VD or random trigger
Ext HD/VD in. (Normal mode only) 4 V ±2 V. TTL or 75 O terminated
Inputs, Camera Link Ext. trigger
Inputs, TTL Ext. trigger TTL 4 ±2 V
Outputs, Camera Link Pixel clock, LVAL, FVAL, DVAL, EEN
Outputs, TTL EEN
Trigger modes Continuous, Edge pre-select, Pulse width control and Sensor gate control and Reset continuous trigger
Accumulation : VAL synchronous or asynchronous
Shutter speed EPS 1/60 to 1/300,000 second
Programmable exposure 1/8 line to 628 lines. (3.3 μs to 16.7 ms)
Pulse width control 2 lines to 120 frames. (33 μs to 2 s)
Auto shutter range 1/60 to 1/25,000
Readout modes Partial scan. Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8; Vertical binning. Off, 2, 3 or 4; Horizontal binning. Off, 2, 3 or 4; Smearless
Control interface RS 232C or Camera Link
Functions controlled by RS 232C Shutter, Trigger, Scanning, Readout, Polarity, Black level, Gain, Gamma
Operating temperature -5°C to 45°C
Humidity 20 - 80% non-condensing
Storage temp./humidity -25°C to 60°C/ 20% to 90%
Vibration 10G (20Hz to 200Hz XYZ)
Shock 70G
Regulations CE (EN50081-1 and EN50082-1), FCC part 15
Power 12V DC ± 10%. 5 W
Lens mount C-mount
Dimensions 35 x 44 x 80 mm (HxWxD)
Weight 150g


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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.