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42-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor
The Sony LMD4251TD is a 42-inch widescreen LCD monitor designed to satisfy the rapidly growing demand from 3D productions in the broadcast and professional field. The LMD-4251TD is a professional monitor that incorporates a micro-polarizer filter attached to the LCD panel, and is supplied with circular polarizer 3D glasses. Wearing these lightweight 3D glasses, users can enjoy smooth, uninterrupted viewing of multiple monitors. The LMD 4251TD inherits the proven technology and features of the widely respected 2D LCD monitor, the high grade LMD4251TD.

The LMD-4251TD can also display 2D pictures. Key features of this monitor are Sony’s highly acclaimed, unique ChromaTRU colour matching technology and a WUXGA (1920 x 12000) resolution professional LCD panel with an excellent wide viewing angle. Full digital 10-bit processing adds to the already impressive array of specifications, delivering smooth greyscale and colour transitions. The LMD 4251TD can accept various source of 3D signal format such as 3D on 3G, Dual stream left and right, Field sequential and side-by-side HD-SDI as well as DVI-D line interleave (line by line)mode. A new set of 3D features have also been added to the monitor to help the user to manage the 3D effects with efficiency. The BKM-250TG/2 board is required to display these features. Entirely at home in broadcast, OB, production, post-production and corporate environments, the LMD4251TD accepts a wide variety of PC and analogue video formats and optional decoder boards are available for Standard and High Definition digital video display.
High Definition 1920x1080 Full HD LCD Panel
High Purity Colour Filters
3D Circular-polarizer System
Unique Lightweight Circular-polarizer 3D Glasses
3D display feature – Horizontal Flip
3D display feature – Disparity Simulation
3D display feature – Horopter Check
3D display feature – Checker Board
3D display feature – L/R Switch
3D display feature – Payload ID Display
Colour Temperature
Accurate and Repeatable Colour Reproduction
White Balance Calibration Function
10-bit Picture Processing
3G SDI Input
Multi-Format Signal Support - up to 3G SDI Input
Signal Interface Options

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