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IMI Technology : IMB-7018G

By: IMI Technology
Firewire, USB, GIGe, Camera link Cameras
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Amazon Series GigE 2/3" Camera With ICX285AL/AQ Sensor

The IMI Technology IMX7018G is from the Amazon Series. The IMX 7018G has a 1388x1040 B/W resolution and 1388x1036 in color at 1.4 megapixels. The Amazon Series utilizes both gigabit Ethernet, and GigE standards. These are fairly new standards for the image processing industry that are expected to make the current bandwidth limitations, with Firewire and USB 2.0 a thing of the past. This also resolves current cable limitations by allowing for 100 meter cable lengths using CAT-5. The new GigE vision cameras not only support the traditional Machine Vision applications; but it also supports intelligent traffic systems, medical imaging, high-tech security and more.

The Amazon Series is comprised of fourteen monochrome and color models; this includes eight Sony progressive scan CCD cameras, and six Kodak progressive scan CCD cameras. This interesting array of sensors supports many traditional and non-tradition vision applications. Every unit has passed rigorous testing procedure to ensure reliability even in mission critical applications .

→ 30 fps
→ 1392x1040 B/W resolution and color
→ Sony CCD ICX285AL/AQ Sensor
→ 6.45um x 6.45um 1.4MP Pixels
→ Gigabit Ethernet and GigE Standard
→ 8 or 12 bit
→ Color & B/W
→ Total 14 models - B/W resolution and color (0.3 to 16 mega-pixels)
→ Dimensions (40mm x 40mm x 48mm)
→ Sony or Kodak CCD sensors
→ Supports a wide array of Applications

Max. frame rate 16 fps at 2mp and 200 fps in VGA


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