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Mega-Pixel Vari-Focal Day/Night Lens With A Manual Iris

The Tamron M13VM-288IR is a mega-pixel vari-focal day/night lens with a manual iris. Near-infrared radiation refracts differently from visible light, causing blurring in an image captured in the near-infrared spectrum. Tamron IR Mega-Pixel Lenses utilize cutting-edge optical design technology and advanced low-dispersion glass to converge the focal points of visible light and near-infrared radiation, providing 3 megapixel image quality 24-hours a day.

With conventional lenses, image blurring occurs in surveillancecamera video footage shot under near-infrared illumination because the optimum focus point changes as a result of the difference between the refractive indices of near-infrared and visible light, which also affects their wavelengths (see figure at right). The Tamron IR Mega-Pixel Lens Series features the latest optical design formulas and low dispersion glass technologies that resolve this focus point discrepancy. This eliminates image degradation, even in black and white mode, and delivers 3 megapixel quality image video for 24 hour surveillance at any time of day regardless of the lighting conditions.

The Tamron Flat-Field Mega-Pixel Lens Series delivers Megapixel image quality not only in the center but also in the corners of the image field, providing the megapixel resolution quality needed for image cropping and enlarging of image, irrespective of the location of subject on the screen. This ensures that subject faces and other relevant information can be clearly identified and distinguished, making the Tamron Flat-Field Mega-Pixel Lens an ideal solution for high-resolution network surveillance applications. In fact all lenses of Tamron Mega-Pixel Lens Series lineup deliver Flat-Field Mega-Pixel resolution.

The M13VM288-IR features a focal length of 2-8-8mm and an Aperture range of 1.2-Close. Each lens in Tamron ’s Mega-Pixel Vari-Focal Lens Series uses Aspherical elements to minimize optical aberrations and ensure high optical quality while maintaining a compact form employing innovative optical technologies, these lenses deliver high-resolution and high-contrast images that are sharp from the center to the periphery of the image field, and represent the ideal solution for application that use high-quality mega-pixel cameras.

The fast aperture of F/1.0 makes it possible to obtain vivid color images even in dim lighting conditions such as dark rooms and corridors, or in the early morning or evening hours when the ambient light would ordinarily be sufficient to capture high-quality images. A fast lens is able to gather a large amount of light, thereby enhancing the sensitivity of the camera.

Multi-coating is applied to internal and external lens surfaces to minimize ghosting and flare in backlit situations. The result is consistently sharp contrast and excellent image quality even unfavorable lighting conditions. Each lens is equipped with a slip-mount mechanism that allows rotational adjustment of the lens after it is mounted on a camera. This allows optimal positioning of the auto-iris actuator and cable during installation. Mega-pixel resolution is achieved while maintaining the compactness of conventional lenses. Each control ring for zoom, focus, and iris size* can be independently locked to prevents setting displacement after installation. (*l/lanual iris only)

Each component in our Flat-Field Mega-Pixel lenses is produced and assembled using the most advanced precision manufacturing techniques to prevent image degradation due to local blur and focus shift. The Tamron Flat-Field Mega-Pixel Lens Series includes a broad range of lenses that offer the ideal solution for a variety of high-resolution network surveillance applications from single camera use situations such as monitoring a building entrance or elevator lobby, to remote external surveillance applications such as outdoor security, traffic monitoring, or surveillance of large retail stores. This extensive lineup includes 2.4mm ultra wide angle, 8mm standard focal length, and 50mm ultra telephoto lenses, accommodating a wide range of applications.

Imager Size 1/3
Mount Type CS
Focal Length 2.8 - 8mm
Aperture Range 1.2 - Close
Angle of View (Horizontal x Vertical) 1/3: Wide - 100.1° x 72.9°/Tele - 35.8° x 26.8°
1/4: Wide - 72.9° x 53.9°/Tele 26.8° x 20.1°
Focusing Range 0.3m - ∞
Operation Focus : Manual with Lock
Zoom: Manual with Lock
Iris: Manual with Lock
Back Focus(in air) Wide 8.339 - Tele 14.944mm
Wave Length Visible Light - Near Infrared
Weight 1 lb.
Operating Temperature -20°C - 60°C


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