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2.1-megapixel Full HD 20x Optical Zoom Camera Block

The Hitachi DISC220 delivers Full HD 1080p video in a compact chassis design. Key features include 20X optical zoom, 16 bit digital interface supporting BT.709 or BT.1120 formats, eight different frame outputs and 1.6 typical lux sensitivity. Lastly, the camera supports Hitachi register based protocol and our new function based protocol for easier control of the unit. The DI SC220 is meant for demanding applications in telepresence, traffic, low vision and surveillance.

The DI-SC220 is a chassis camera that outputs digital video at 1920x1080, 30fps. The DISC220 built in X20 optical zoom lens is highly reliable and offers auto focus, auto iris and zoom functions, letting the user monitor a scene from any desired angle of view. The IR Cut Filter function when enabled improves picture quality in low light. The chassis is equipped with a 1.3 Megapixel 1/3 inch CMOS sensor. Effective resolution at 1920x1080 is 900TV lines.

Video Output: YUV422 Y8bit C8bit HSYNC VSYNC Clock
Frame Noise Reduction: This feature reduces the amount of video noise in low light.
(Artificial Intelligence) Digital Signal Processing Control: Auto Iris = Adjusts iris so that video output is kept at a fixed level, even if surrounding illumination changes. Auto White Balance = Provides natural color reproduction according to ambient lighting.
Remote Control through RS-232C: Remote operations are possible via the RS-232C, which allows control of the camera's focus, iris and zoom.
2H Vertical Enhancer: Vertical edges are digitally enhanced to make recorded images clear and stable - useful when monitoring a moving object.

Surveillance: In corporate, medical, learning institutes and other public places, security camera solutions offer a peace of mind.
Traffic Management: Monitoring and responding to ongoing road activity in residential and business areas.
In Car Video: Hybrid use of a camera used in a vehicle.
Telepresence: Conference type solutions in business or learning institutions. → Low Vision Magnifier: Video technology for sight impaired individuals.

→ Hitachi DSP 8 camera control
→ 20X Optical Zoom F1.6 and practical f value 4.7-94mm
→ IR Cut Filter Removable for Day/Night Capability
→ 1.6 lux typical sensitivity, 50 IRE, 0.04 lux IR Cut Filter Off
→ YUV422 16 bit Digital Output Modes, 1280x720 60fps
→ 1/3" Megapixel Progressive Scan Ex-View Color CCD
→ 900 TV Lines of Resolution
→ Frame Noise Reduction, Wide Dynamic Range, Dynamic Spot Cancel
→ Privacy Masking 8 Zone 3-D, 4/1 Screen
→ Operating Temperature 0-60 degrees C

2.1-Megapixel high resolution 20x zoom lens (Diagram)
The Hitachi DISC220 features a CMOS sensor with full high definition resolution of 1920 x 1080. Its High index Low dispersion (HiLD) optical zoom lens supports both outdoor and indoor surveillance. This lens uses HiLD glass, permitting the efficient capturing of images with a minimum of the chromatic aberration that generally affects long focal point lenses. The camera allows 20x optical zoom even at full high definition, and can rapidly follow subjects using Hitachi's proprietary high speed auto focus system. High resolution and high magnification optical zoom are valuable aids to security in a variety of situations. For example, they enable the capturing of vital evidence by accurately capturing images of license plate numbers and facial features, clothing and other characteristics of people far from the camera. They can also display sharp images of accidents on station platforms or on expressways.

Technology for low-light performance
Complementing the HiLD lens and CMOS sensor, Hitachi's proprietary High Definition Digital Signal Processor (HD-DSP) achieves a minimum sensitivity (subject illumination) of 1.6 lx. What's more, the image processing engine in the HD-DSP increases visibility and reduces noise. This is an HD system with impressive nighttime surveillance capability.

Frame Noise Reduction (Diagram)
Hitachi's Frame Noise Reduction function minimizes after-images and random noise caused by movement, allowing the camera to be used in a wider range of surveillance scenarios. Providing sharp images even in low-light conditions where capturing clear images is generally difficult, it also facilitates high image compression in network camera systems.

White Spot Reduction
White spots are caused by the sensors when the illumination is low. The DI-SC220 reduces white spots to display sharper images, even at low illumination.

Digital Slow Shutter
This strengthens the security of outdoor and poorly lit locations at night.

Removable IR Cut Filter
In daylight conditions, the IR Cut Filter ensures clear, high-quality color images. At night or in other very low light situations, it is automatically removed to allow capture of bright, high-contrast black and white images.

Wide Dynamic Range modes (Diagram)
Images in which the luminous intensity varies greatly indoors and outdoors, at the entrance of a building for example, are prone to the occurrence of whiteout or loss of dark detail, reducing visibility. The DI SC220 has a highly effective automatic compensation function that improves the visibility of these images. Two methods are used, resulting in double the effectiveness of the previous model (VK-S654N). The first is to combine two images taken at different shutter speeds and the second is to use contrast offset to correct the contrast of each pixel in the image. Even in scenes with widely varying luminous intensity, the improved visibility makes it possible to perceive the subject.

Four selectable HD video modes
High output flexibility meets requirements of many kinds of surveillance systems.

Full HD mode: 1920 x 1080/60I, 50I
This mode outputs optimum images on full HD displays. It is effective when it is necessary to display smooth motion - for real time surveillance at expressway toll gates or teleconferences, for example.

Full HD progressive mode: 1920 x 1080/30P, 25P
This mode provides 30 images/second output of progressive images in full HD. When displaying still images as an IP network camera or printing, fork noise is not produced.

Full HD PsF mode: 1920 x 1080/30PsF, 25PsF
You can view progressive images even with an interlaced full HD display.

HD progressive mode: 1280 x 720/60P, 50P
With a display speed of 60 images/second, double the normal progressive output, this mode achieves excellent image definition and smoothness.

Digital output for transmission of high-quality images (Diagram)
The Hitachi DISC220 supports digital output of image signals, maximizing camera performance by permitting transmission of lossless, low-noise image data with no need for decoding.

Natural, faithful color reproduction
Correct reproduction of actual colors is extremely important in surveillance and crime prevention. The DI-SC220 reproduces colors with high accuracy in bright places, and even in dark places. This permits clearer recognition of objects under surveillance.

Low Power Consumption
The DI SC220 is an environmentally friendly low power consumption camera. It is also PoE ready.

Digital Image Flip
Flips images vertically or horizontally, to track subjects moving underneath the camera in a single continuous shot.

Motion Detection
This function triggers various events when motion is detected in any of eight blocks of the surveillance frame.

Privacy Zone Masking
Masks windows, entrances and other areas subject to privacy concerns. The mask is maintained even when the camera pans, tilts or zooms.

Environmentally Friendly
The RoHS-compliant DISC220 meets guidelines for permissible levels of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chrome, PPBs and PBDE.

Image Size TYPE 1/2.8 CMOS
Effective Pixels 2.3M (2096 x 1097)
Progressive Scan YES
Output Pixels/Frame Rate 1920(H) x 1080(V)/60l, 50l, 30PsF, 25PsF, 30P, 25P; 1280(H) x 720(V)/60P, 50P
Lens Optical Zoom: 20X; Practical f-value: 4.7-94mm; Practical H.angle: 55.2°(w)-2.9°(t); F-value: F1.6(w)-F3.5(t)
Focus Auto/Manual(Far/Near)
IR Removable Auto/Manual(ON/0FF)
Durability Zoom/Focus/Iris: 500k cycles; IR Removable: 50k cycles
Serial Interface Method: speed; RS-232C: 57.6k/38.4k/19.2k/9.6k/4.8k bps
RS232C logic voltage level 3.3V
Functions Digital Slow Shutter/Image Freeze/Mirror/Vertical Invert/Image Reverse/Motion Detect/Frame Noise Reduction/White Spot Reduction
Wide Dynamic Range OFF/WDR/AD-WDR/WDR Contrast offset/AD-WDR Contrast offset/Contrast offset
Privacy Masking OFF/ON [2 zone 2-D/8 zone 3-D(4/1screen)]
Slow AE Response 1x-254x
Electrical Shutter 60l, 30PsF, 30P, 60P: Auto: Pro.AE(1/60-1/33.7ks); Auto( Digital slow shutter): Pro.AE (1/2-1/33.7ks); Manual(Shutter priority): 1/1-1/30ks; 50l, 25PsF, 25P, 50P: Auto: Pro.AE (1/50-1/28.1ks); Auto ( Digital slow shutter): Pro.AE (1/1.5-1/28.1ks); Manual(Shutter priority): 1/0.75-1/30ks; Manual(Sensitivity): 64X, 32X, 16X, 8X, 4X, 2X
Iris Auto/offset; BLC: OFF/ON
White Balance Auto/Manual
Min. Sensitivity (Typ.) IR-cut ON: 1.6lx; IR-cut OFF DSS: 0.04lx; Condition: F1.6 (w), 350mV equivalent
Sync System Interval
Power Supplied voltage: 9-12VDC; Supplied current (@9V) all motors inactive: 335 mA; Supplied current (@9V) Focus/Zoom motors active): 435 mA
Video Output (Digital) YUV422 (Y8bit C8bit), ITu-R BT.709, ItU-R BT.1120 compliance
Dimension (W x H x D) 50 x 60 x 89mm
Weight Approx. 260g
No. of Connectors 2 (24pin FFC/30pin Micro coaxial)
Operating Temp. 0-60°C


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