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540 TVL High Resolution Weather Resistant IR Bullet Camera
The Everfocus ECZ360 is an economical security camera solution. This high resolution color security IR bullet style camera is equipped with a Sony 1/3” Super HAD high resolution 540 line sensor and 3.5~8mm varifocal DC iris lens, the field of view can be readily adjusted to suit the application while the auto iris function adapts to a wide range of lighting conditions.

This model provides a Sony Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chip-set feature for superior image control. Additionally, this model has high sensitivity, low smear, high anti-blooming and high and ratio for high video performance. Another feature that improves video image quality is the built-in anti-aliasing function.

The Everfocus ECZ360 has a built-in Auto Electronic Shutter. The AES or AGC is an automatic light-adjustment that reduces glare. It is normally set to ON and automatically adjust the picture gain in according to the lighting. The automatic white balance setting controls the automatic adjustment of the light source’s color temperature, which will adjust the picture’s color to maintain the “best” image.

The ECZ360 also offers anti-aliasing, which is the smoothing of the image roughness caused by aliasing. Anti-aliasing adjusts pixel positions by setting pixel intensities so that there is a gradual transition between the color of a line and the background color.

This model incorporates a Sunshield and has multiple choices for mounting. The Sunshield moderates camera unit temperature when in direct sunlight. There are two mounting options, bottom for pedestal mount or top for pendant mount.

540 TVL Resolution
Color day/night IR performance
Compact bullet housing (only 2.9”/74mm in diameter and 4.3”/110mm long)
SONY 1/3” Super HAD CCD Sensor for crisp images
Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chip-set for superior image control
High sensitivity, low smear, anti-blooming and high S/N ratio improve image quality
Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES)
Auto Gain Control (AGC)
Auto White Balance (AWB) for clear images in all lighting conditions
Built-in anti-aliasing function improves perceived image quality
Thirty high efficiency IR-LEDs for a range of 80 ft./25m ( low or no light environments)
Sunshield moderates camera unit temperature when in direct sunlight
Multiple Mounting Options (bottom for pedestal mount/top for pendant mount)

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