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Tamron : 13VG308ASIRII

By: Tamron
CCTV, Industrial FA/Machine Vision Lenses
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1/3" Day/Night Vari-Focal Lens With A DC Auto Iris

The Tamron 13VG-308ASIRII is a day/night vari-focal lens with a DC auto iris and an 1/3 imager size. With the development of higher image quality monitoring cameras and the rapid digitalization of recording systems, demand is strong for CCTV camera lenses that can be used in video systems to provide high-resolution images from the center to the edge of the screen. As a leading integrated optics manufacturer, Tamron now offers a lineup of high resolution Van-Focal lenses that meet today’s installation needs, and boasts the best of its proprietary technology.

All three models use aspherical lenses in their optical system to achieve high resolution and optimum contrast throughout the whole focal range. Particular attention has been paid to peripheral image quality, thus improving corner resolution by up to 50% (compared to conventional models). The effect is more prominent when the lenses are used with digital recording systems, which are free from image quality deterioration.

Multicoating is applied to 13VG308ASIRII lens surfaces to minimize the phenomena of ghosting and flare in backlit situations. The result is consistent high contrast and excellent image quality even in such conditions. An improved proprietary ND filter ensures high resolution from maximum aperture to minimum aperture. This high resolution 13VG308ASIRII offers a wide array of angles in three ideal lenses ranging from that of an ultra-wide angle 2.8mm lens, to the standard angle of 8mm, and on to the narrow field of view provided by an ultra telephoto 50mm. Moreover, all models are lightweight and compact in design that take up as little space as possible, and will therefore work well in virtually any kind of monitoring situation.

The 13VG308ASIR-II has a 3.0-8mm focal length and an aperture range of 1.0-360. A lock mechanism is mounted on each of the operating rings for the zoom, focus, and iris (for manual iris mechanism only). The locks fix the rings in place to prevent the settings from shifting after installation.. The lens can be rotated to adjust its position after being attached to the camera, allowing its auto iris meter to be repositioned to the correct point (bottom side of lens).

Environmental considerations are integrated into the design through the use of materials that do not harm the environment, from the glass and plastic materials to the sealing and packaging materials. In addition, environmental inspections are performed at the production plant on receipt of raw materials and components to ensure that they are free of environmentally harmful materials.

Imager Size 1/3
Mount Type CS
Focal Length 3.0 - 8mm
Aperture Range 1.0 - 360
Angle of View (Horizontal x Vertical) 1/3: Wide - 92.5° x 68.0°/Tele - 35.7° x 26.8°
1/4: Wide - 68.0° x 50.4°/Tele - 26.8° x 20.1°
Focusing Range 0.2m - ∞
Operation Focus: Manual with Lock
Zoom: Manual with Lock
Iris: DC Auto Iris
Back Focus (in air) Wide 7.69 - Tele 13.72mm
Operating Voltage Open 3.0V, Close 0.7V
Weight 1 lb
Operating Temperature -20°C - 60°C

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