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4/3" Bayer Color Progressive Scan CCD 8-Megapixel Industrial Camera, GigE Vision Interface

The JAI AB-800GE is an 8-megapixel industrial grade CCD camera offering a combination of high resolution color output, high fidelity, and high frame rates. The AB 800GE incorporates the KAI-08050 quad-tap sensor from Kodak with a standard Bayer color filter pattern on the sensor. The camera can produce full 3296 x 2472 raw Bayer output at 10 frames per second delivered over a standard GigE Vision interface.

Alternatively, the AB800GE can be set to perform in-camera color interpolation to produce 24-bit (8-bits per color) RGB output at 3 frames per second.

The simple, single-cable GigE Vision interface supports 8-bit, 10-bit, or 12-bit per pixel formats for raw Bayer data. JAI's free SDK and Control Tool software provides easy access to the AB-800GE camera's extensive feature set, as well as a wide range of library functions and samples for quick application development. GigE Vision / GenICam-compliant software tools and libraries from third-party companies are also supported.

The AB 800GE features an advanced channel balancing function which continuously adjusts the video levels coming from the quad-tap sensor to ensure uniformity across the image.

Additionally, the AB800GE camera features user configurable AOI scanning (partial scanning) and multiple white blance modes, including manual, one-push automatic, and continuous white balancing. Other image pre-processing features range from integrated auto-gain, auto-shutter, and auto-iris control (ALC) to pixel blemish compensation, flat-field compensation, and a 512-point look-up table for gamma customization.

Like JAI’s other high resolution cameras, the AB-800GE incorporates a list of industrial grade features to maximize performance in machine vision environments. These include precise sensor alignment, advanced thermal management, a built-in temperature sensor, and rugged construction with extensive shock and vibration testing performed.

The AB-800GE camera can be ordered with either C-mount or F-mount lens mounts. Dimensions depend on the configuration.

→ 8-megapixel 4/3-type color progressive scan CCD industrial camera
→ 4/3" Bayer color progressive scan CCD (22mm diagonal)
→ 3296 (h) x 2472 (v) pixel resolution
→ 5.5μm x 5.5 μm square pixels
→ 10 fps at full resolution for raw Bayer output (3 fps or 6.7 fps for interpolated output)
→ 10 μs (1/100,000) to 2 seconds exposure control in 1 μs steps
→ Manual or auto gain control from -3 dB to 24 dB (0 to 24 dB for color)
→ User programmable partial scanning
→ Selectable in-camera interpolation produces 24-bit RGB output at 3 fps
→ Quad-tap sensor with advanced channel balancing
→ Programmable exposure to 1/100,000 sec. (10 μs)
→ Vertical and horizontal binning (monochrome only)
→ 512-point look-up table (LUT) for gamma control
→ White blemish and flat-field compensation
→ Auto level control (ALC) combines auto shutter, auto gain, and auto iris
→ functions
→ Excellent thermal management for high image quality
→ Shock & vibration testing for real-world environments
→ GigE Vision interface with 8, 10, or 12-bit monochrome/Bayer output
→ or 8-bit RGB/YUV output
→ Supports F-mount or C-mount lenses (F-mount pictured)

Sensor 4/3” progressive scan CCD (KAI-08050)
Pixel Clock 48 MHz
Frame rate, full frame 10 frames/sec.
Active area 18.13 mm (h) x 13. 60 mm (v), 22.66 mm diagonal
Cell size 5.5 μm (h) x 5.5 μm (v)
Active pixels 3296 (h) x 2472 (v)
Horizontal output frequency 25.799 KHz (1H = 38.8 μs)
Read-out modes, Full monochrome/Bayer 3296 (h) x 2472 (v) 10.2 fps (8-bit)
Read-out modes, In-camera YUV interpolation 3296 (h) x 2472 (v) 6.7 fps (AB-800GE)
Read-out modes, In-camera RGB interpolation 3296 (h) x 2472 (v) 3.0 fps (AB-800GE)
Read-out modes, Variable partial scan Any start line, any height, in 1L steps
Read-out modes, Variable partial scan (RGB) Any start line, any height, in 2L steps
Read-out modes, Binning (HxV) 1 x 2, 2 x 1, 2 x 2 (monochrome only)
Sensitivity (AB-800GE) 0.03 Lux (On sensor, max. gain, 50% green)
S/N ratio, AB-800GE >55 dB. (0 dB gain)
Video signal output GigE Vision 8-/10-/12-bit (monochrome, Bayer); GigE Vision 8-bit (RGB or YUV)
Auto-iris lens video 0.7Vp-p, with 0.3V horiz. sync
Gain, Color Manual/automatic 0 dB to 24 dB
GPIO Module Includes counter, timer, event and action controls
White balance (AB-800GE) Manual, one-push auto, or continuous (3200K to 9000K)
Gamma Adjustable 0.45 to 1.0, or 512-point LUT
Synchronization Internal
Acquisition modes Continuous, single frame, multi-frame (1-255)
Trigger modes Timed, Smearless, Trigger Width, PIV, Pre-Dump (RCT)
Electronic shutter, Timed exposure 10 μs to 2 sec in 1 μs steps
Electronic shutter, Trigger width 80 μs minimum
Electronic shutter, Auto shutter 1/10 to 1/100,000 sec
Auto level control (ALC) Integrated auto shutter, auto gain, and auto-iris with tracking speeds, metering window, and minmax values adjustable
Pre-processing functions Flat field compensation, pixel blemish compensation, 3 x 3 color interpolation (AB-800GE only)
Control interface Register based GigE Vision/GenICam compliant
GigE Vision streaming protocol Packet size, delayed (frame) readout, inter-packet delay. Default package size: 1476 bytes. Max: 16020 bytes
Operating temperature -5° C to 50° C
Humidity (operation) 20 - 80% non-condensing
Storage temp./humidity -25° C to 60° C / 20% - 80 % non-condensing
Vibration 10G (20 Hz to 200 Hz XYZ)
Shock 70 G
Regulations CE (EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3), FCC part 15 class B, RoHS/WEEE
Power 12V to 24V DC ± 10%. 8.16W typical (full frame @ 12V)
Lens mount F-mount or C-mount
Dimensions, (H x W x L) F-mount 55 mm x 55 mm x 98 mm
Dimensions, (H x W x L) C-mount 55 mm x 55 mm x 69 mm
Weight, F-mount 340 g
Weight, C-mount 320 g


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