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16 Channel Power Supply Passive Receiver Hub

The NVT 16 Channel Power Supply Passive Receiver Hub NV-16PS13-PVD is a key hybrid component that consolidates all CCTV system cabling using standard EIA/TIA 568B structured building wiring. Designed for installation in the IDF/Telecom Closet or MDF/Equipment Room, the Power Supply Passive Video Receiver Hub has independently selectable 24VAC-OFF-28VAC outputs that can support at-distance camera loads up to 1 Amp per channel. Use with NVTs PVD transceivers for cable runs under 750ft (225m) .

The NV-16PS13-PVD built-in passive receiver hub allows connection to DVR or an encoder for IP transmission. Per-channel diagnostic LEDs display load/no-load, miswires, or fault conditions at a glance. Automatic-reset fault protection, transient protection, and ground loop free individually floating outputs.

NV-16PS13-PVD features include:

→ Provides Class 2 SELV camera power while receiving video transmission and delivering P/T/Z telemetry all over a single 4-pair Cat5e cable
→ Standard telecom/datacom structured cabling pinouts per EIA/TIA 568B
→ Independently selectable 24VAC-OFF-28VAC with 1 Amp per channel
→ Automatic-reset fault protection; transient protection
→ Frequency Response DC to 10 MHz
→ Individually floating outputs ensure total ground-loop immunity
→ Diagnostic LEDs show load/no load, miswires, and overload conditions
→ Use with the NV-216A-PV, NV-218A-PVD or the NV-226J-PV transceiver at the camera
→ Power cameras via UTP over significant distances (see Power Distance Calculator)
→ 1U high; 12" deep; wall, desk, or rack-mountable
→ Limited lifetime warranty

Video Frequency response DC to 10 MHz
Video Attenuation 0.5 dB typ
Video Common-mode / Differential-mode rejection 15 KHz to 5 MHz 60 dB typ
Video Impedance Coax, female BNC 75 ohms
Video Impedance , RJ45 100 ohms
Network Wiring One four-pair Cat5 or better per channel
Camera Power Each camera is powered by a fully isolated (floating) Class 2 SELV output, individually switchable 24VAC / Off / 28 VAC at up to 1 Amp. Each output is individually thermistor protected for auto-reset after fault removal
Power inlet IEC with molded power cord (included)
Voltage 115 / 230V
Current 3.0 / 1.5 Amps
Protection 5x20mm type T fuse 5Amp 250V
Wattage 325 Watts
Heat (power supply only) 125 BTU / Hour; (power supply with cameras) 1,200 BTU / Hour
System Power Blue LED
Per-channel LED Indicates Off No load connected
Per-channel LED Indicates Green Load connected and working
Per-channel LED Indicates Amber Mis-wiring detected
Per-channel LED Indicates Red Overload fault condition
Ambient Temperature -4 to 122 °F (-20 to 50 °C)
Minimum airflow 4ft3/min (0,1m3/min)
Humidity (non-condensing) 0 to 95%
Transient Immunity per ANSI / 587 C62.41
Dimensions, including connectors 19in wide, 1.73in high, 12in deep, 43cm wide, 4,5cm high, 20cm deep
Weight 24.9lb (11,3kg)
Mounting Rack mount “L” brackets for front, rear, or wall installations; rubber feet for desk applications
Cables Sixteen 2ft (60cm) coax jumpers Molded IEC power inlet cord 7ft (200cm)
Mounting NV-RMBK2 Rear Mount Support Kit (designed for use with thinner metal equipment racks) NV-WMBK2 Wall Mount Bracket Kit (heavy duty)


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