Machine Vision Lenses
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1/2-inch Format 3 CCD Megapixel Lens
The GOYO GMHR3D-21218C 3CCD camera lenses are designed for use in megapixel cameras with three color CCD chips. The GMHR3D 21218C is used for inspections, surveying, assembly line monitoring, image processing, image analysis and security and disaster surveillance.

If lenses for single CCD cameras are installed on 3CCD cameras, optimal performance of the color separation system in these cameras cannot be assured. Therefore, it is advisable to install lenses exclusively created for 3CCD cameras.

Focal Length 12mm
Iris Range f/1.8-16
Angle of View (H x V x D) 30.4° x 37.9° x 22.8°
M.O.D 0.15m
Filter Thread M27 x P0.5
Dimension (D x L) ø30 x 58.5mm

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