Machine Vision Lenses
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1/2-inch - 2/3-inch Format Compact High Resolution Megapixel Lens
The GOYO GMTHR-32514MCN megapixel lenses are comparable in optical performance to our standard megapixel lenses, but are mechanically superior, smaller in size and lighter in price.

The Click-Stop Iris feature makes this GMTHR 32514MCN particularly well-suited for installations where vibration and consistency are a concern.

High performance optics at a lower price
Robust mechanical design
120 lp/mm center resolution
4.2um pixel match
Locking focus and iris
Click-Stop Iris
Focal Length 25mm
Iris Range f/1.4-16
Angle of View (H x V x D) - 1/2" 14°6' x 11° x 18°2'
Angle of View (H x V x D) - 2/3" 20°1' x 15°1' x 25°
M.O.D 0.25m
Filter Thread M25.5 x P0.5
Dimension (D x L) ø29 x 32mm
Weight 50g

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.