Machine Vision Lenses
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UV Quartz Lens
The GOYO GMUV-510540C allows the camera to reach the 180-200 nm range. The GMUV 510540C lens based purely on quartz show a distinct focus shift between visible and UV light.

Most types of glass will allow long wave UV to pass but absorb all the other UV wavelengths, usually from about 350 nm and below. Only specially developed lenses made of quartz (fused silica) or quartz and fluoride can be used.

Detection of fire, forgery, falsified documents and money inspection
Inspection of oil contamination and/or leakage
Manufacturing and quality control of semiconductors
Well suited for UV and IR imaging, and forensics use
Locking focus and iris
Compact for placement in machine vision systems
Compatible with 2 megapixel cameras
Focal Length 105mm
Iris Range f/4.0-22
Angle of View @∞ (H x V x D) 6°58' x 5°14' x 8°40'
Format Size (ø) 18/43mm
Distortion 0.11%
Filter Thread M49 x P0.75
Dimension (D x L) ø62.5 x 155.1mm
Mount C-/T-Mount

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