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Mega Pixel CCTV
Our Mega Pixel CCTV ML-M2514MP lens are designed for observation & image recognition in a wide field of view. They boast a resolution of 100lp/mm at the minimum distance over the whole zoom area at both the center and corner. Therefore, higher resolution and contrast can by combining our Mega Pixel lenses with Mega Pixel cameras.

The Moritex ML M2514MP iris and focus are adjustable and can be set with locking screws. They come in a range of focal distance from 8mm to 50mm. These C-mount lenses are compatible with 1/3", 1/2", and 2/3" camera formats. Optional such as close-up rings and rear converter lenses allow for macro photographing.

Focus Distance (f) 25mm
Aperture (Fno) F1.4~16C
Field Angle 15.1º × 20º
Closest distance 0.3m
Filter Screw M30.5 P0.5
Weight 75g
Largest compatible CCD 2/3"
Mount C-Mount

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