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High Performance Machine Vision Optics
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Standard CCTV Lens
Moritex Standard CCTV ML-1614 lenses are compact and low mass optical systems. Moritex offers a wide range of CCTV lenses with focal distances from 6mm to 100mm.

All ML 1614 models come with adjustable focus and iris rings giving the user full control over image focus, brightness and depth of field. Focus and iris are adjustable using attached locking screws.

Series CCTV Lens
Magnification x0.044 ~ x
Working Distance 18
Field of View V23.3 x H30.8
TV Distortion Variable
Weight 40g
Mount C-mount
Camera Format 2/3, 1/2, 1/3
Numerical Aperture M27 P0.5
Length 24.5mm
Effective F Number F1.4 ~ close
Focal Distance 16
Closest Distance 400
Focus F1.4 ~ Close
Filter Screw M27 P0.5

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