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Adagio® Audio Expander

The Adagio Audio Expander (A-AE) from Crestron® is a high-performance audio distribution processor with integrated multi-channel amplifier. Designed to expand a Crestron Adagio home entertainment system with 6 additional room outputs, the A AE is equally well equipped for use as part of any complete Crestron Home® audio distribution solution.

Built around a 10 x 6 stereo matrix switcher, the AAE delivers professional-quality audio signal routing to 6 amplified room outputs from any of 10 stereo sources. Multiple A-AE units may be combined to handle as many as 24 rooms1.

Independent software-driven volume, bass, treble, balance, loudness, and mute controls are available on every room output, enabling listeners in each room to tailor the sound to individual taste right from the room touchpanel or keypad. Additional features include input gain compensation to assure consistent levels between input sources, plus programmable scaling factor to define minimum and maximum levels for each room, and mono summing to accommodate monophonic speaker systems. Front panel pushbuttons are included for room selection when using the A AE in an Adagio system.

The AAE's built-in 12-channel power amplifier delivers a robust 45 watts per channel to support up to 6 separate pairs of speakers. Mute relays on every output ensure silent muting, and provide protection against "thumping" on power-up.

An advanced Class G amplifier topology produces the great sound of a classic Class AB design with near-digital efficiency. A massive MOH-core toroidal power transformer directs pure, continuous power to each channel, achieving exceptional dynamic range and low distortion sound quality in every room. Gentle power-up is achieved through a "soft-start" inrush current limiting circuit, and quick-response output protection on each channel prevents failure caused by speaker line faults and overheating.

Together with any Crestron control system and choice of keypads and touchpanels, the A-AE provides an extensively customizable audio control solution. Programming a complete audio distribution system is a quick and simple task using Crestron SystemBuilder™ software. For Adagio systems, no programming is required at all, with plug-and-play support for a single A AE, or simplified setup for up to 3 AAE's using Crestron Adagio Composer software.

Six powered Cresnet ports are built into the A-AE, providing for the termination of keypads and other Crestron devices without necessitating an external distribution block or power supply.

*Room outputs are expandable by cascading the inputs of multiple AAE units using standard RCA interconnect cables. Crestron recommends cascading no more than four (4) AAE units. Adagio systems may utilize up to three (3) AAE units in addition to the main unit. The actual number of possible units in a system is virtually unlimited, although additional equipment may be necessary to maintain signal integrity.

→ Audio distribution for 6 rooms, expandable up to 24
→ 10 stereo line inputs
→ Integrated 45 watts x 12 channel power amplifier
→ Easy expansion for Adagio® systems
→ Works with any Crestron® control system
→ Built-in Cresnet® distribution and power supply

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