By: Moritex
High Performance Machine Vision Optics
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Macro Zoom Lens
With the Moritex ML-Z0108 various types of images can be taken because the products are small, lightweight, and very functional.

The ML Z0108 include screws to lock movable parts, and have a maximum outside diameter of 25mm. There iris, focus, and zoom are also adjustable.
Optical magnification 0.1X to 0.8X (zoom ratio of 8:1)
WD 213mm
Focus adjustment ±20mm (amount the lens comes out ±1mm, magnification variation ±13%)
Effective Fno at 0.1X - at 0.8X
Depth of field 8.2 - 9.3
Resolution 32.8mm 0 0.6mm
TV distortion -0.02% or less - 0.17% or less
Operation function Manual Adjusting iris, zoom, and focus
Weight 140 g
Largest compatible CCD 1/2"
Mount C-mount

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.