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High Performance Machine Vision Optics
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ML-N Lens
The ML05-132N lenses of the ML-N Series were developed to be compact, high performance lenses. Based on many years of experience producing machine micro lenses, Moritex adopted a non-telecentric optical system as the lens design for this model.

By limiting the number of the ML05 132N lenses in each layer to less than three, we have succeeded to develop a high performance model at a reasonable price. Magnification and working distances can be tailored to your needs by using optional close-up rings.

The high resolution and low TV distortion of these ML05132N lenses make them suitable for inspection and recognition in micro field applications such as shape recognition by a picture sensor, food labeling inspection, confirmation of defects, and security systems.

Magnification 0.5X
Working Distance 132mm
Resolution 11.7µm
Depth of Field 1.95mm
Effective Fno 6.08
TV distortion 0.8‰ or less
Largest compatible CCD 1/2"
Weight 10g
Mount Sold Separately C-mount

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