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Weatherproof Enclosure For The Network Repeater Unit
The Nitek Ethernet & PoE Extender Weatherproof enclosure EE328W is a single unit IP Network and PoE Repeater that requires very little installation time and absolutely no set up or configuration. The EE328W includes a NEMA4X rated enclosure to house the Ethernet Repeater. The weatherproof enclosure makes it possible to take the network outdoors for operation in hostile environments. Installation requires simply connecting the unit in line with the network run. Each unit extends the cable run by 100 meters or 328 feet. The EE328W ethernet repeater draws power from the POE network switch and extends the power for the next 100 meters. If the network switch is not a POE device the EE328W has an optional power input and can also function as a POE inserter in addition to extending the network communication signals. The EE328W is fully 802.3af compliant as a POE source and device. It is ideal for extending network signals or networks and POE signals.

LED illuminators easily tell the status of network communication and POE power. The EE328 requires no network setting to be changed or adjusted.

The EE328W extends and repeats network communications to the network beyond standard cable distance limitations offering connections to devices in locations traditional networking does not allow.

The units are constructed of industrial grade RoHS compliant plated aluminum which is finished with corrosion resistant finish making it very durable.

NEMA4X rated enclosure to house ethernet repeater
Transmits up to distances of 600 meters / 2000 feet
Supports mega-pixel cameras
Supports multi-camera installations
Fully transparent to the network
Supports any network device, including IP cameras
Built-in surge protection
Easy to install, no set up required
No MAC or IP addressing required
LED indicators for network signals, link status and power
Optional power supply can insert POE power for non-POE switches
Size 7.125"H x 4.77"W x 2.23"D
Ethernet 100BaseTX Full Duplex
Power Requirements PoE or PS48 Power Supply (48vdc @ 15.4watts)
Connection Method RJ45
Clamping Voltage 15 Volts
Impedance 110 ohms
Temperature -10 to 60C / 14 to 140F
Frequency DC to 10 MHz
Shipping Weight 2.4 lb

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