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High Performance Machine Vision Optics
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MML ST Series
This line of Moritex MML6-ST65 lenses are telecentric lenses of the same quality as our standard C-Mount MMLs, except here the lenses are offered with CM1 and CS1 mounts.

The MML6 ST65 of the MML ST Series are thin, space-saving, and light-weight so they can be mounted on micro-head cameras. MML-CM1 Series models are mounted on 17mm (M15.5 x 0.5) and MML-CS1 Series models are mounted on 12mm (M10.5 x 0.5).

Series Standard
Magnification x6
Working Distance 65
Resolution 4.6µ
Field of View V0.8 x H1.1
Depth of Field 0.091
TV Distortion 0.000023
Weight 55
Mount C mount
Numerical Aperture 0.073
Length 118.5
Effective F Number 40.9

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