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High Performance Machine Vision Optics
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Dome LEDs
The MDML-CG156 LEDs of the MDML Series have been designed to evenly illuminate object surfaces by reflecting on the dome inbound light fibers arranged at 360 angles along the lower section of the dome.

These MDML CG156 Dome LEDs are useful in the inspection of curved metal surfaces as well as printed surfaces (i.e. the bottom of aluminum cans). Two different size of dome LEDs are available, each in four different wavelengths: red, green, blue, and white.
Emitted Color Green
Maximum Related Current IFM(A) Total 1.86
Maximum Related Current IFM(A) Coaxial Area 0.31
Maximum Related Current IFM(A) Light Transmittance Area 0.55
Maximum Related Current IFM(A) Reflective Area 0.50
Maximum Related Current IFM(A) Low Angle 0.50
Internal Diameter of Dome (mm) Ø26
External Diameter of Dome (mm) Ø156
Weight(g) 1600

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