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Power Supply 28VAC, 10 AMP, 1 RU High
The Nitek Power Supply - 28VAC, 10 AMP, 1 RU High PS 115 provides 10 Amps of current for fixed cameras and P/T/Z. The PS-115 power is provided to the CX452 crossover unit in the UTPLinks system for power insertion and distribution to cameras by the CX452 unit. The number of cameras and/or P/T/Z units that can be powered by the PS115 is dependent upon the current requirements of the equipment being powered. Contact Nitek tech support for information regarding specific P/T/Z equipment. The PS115 can be located at a mid-span position; i.e. IDF closet or at the head-end. These power supplies must be located in close proximity to the CX452 crossover units.

Power is provided to cameras and P/T/Z units in a closed, self-contained system
PS115 units mount in a 19" rack
Easy to install and configure
Designed to be compatible with Structured Cabling standards
Video, data & power can be run in the same Category 5 cable without interference
Size 1.75"H x 19.0"W x 8.6"D
Power Requirements (Input) 120 VAC
Power Output 28 VAC
Output Current 10 Amp
Enclosure Type Standard 19" Rack 1 RU in Height

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