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High Performance Machine Vision Optics
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MML SOD Series
This revolutionary SOD-20X-VI model of the MML SOD Series has a high NA & resolution that put it in the microscope objective lens class. In addition, it boasts a long WD of 37.5 mm that provides you with additional space to install Illumination and motion, handling, & transfer systems. The all-in-one machine vision lens has a compact body with an integrated coaxial epi-illumination also saving space & improving on-axis light quality.

The SOD 20X VI long working distance of 37.5 mm makes the lens less susceptible to heat, particles and oil which may be emitted during the imaging process. Coupling this model with an optional rear converter lens can achieve optical magnifications of 30x and 40x. This allows for the imaging of fine, detailed characteristics with a precision that has not been reached in machine vision until now.

Moritex new SOD20XVI exceeds the performance of its predecessor model the “SOD-10X” (optical magnification of 10x, numerical aperture of 0.23). The telecentric lens has been designed as a multi-functional model with an optical magnification of 20x and a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.35. Coupling it with an optional rear converter lens, such as the SOD-1.5X or SOD-2X, provides an optical magnification of 30x or 40x.

This SOD-20X-VI high magnification, high resolution lens has been optimized for machine vision applications and offers a long working distance (WD) of 37.5 mm. Its mountable body has a low profile which allows space to be reserved for oblique lighting that can be used in conjunction with the units’ integrated coaxial epi-illumination function. An adjustable diaphragm enables the fine tuning of the depth of field. This allows for a very clear image that is rich in contrast.

20x optical magnification
Capable of 30x and 40x with rear converter lenses
Variable iris
WD 37.5mm
Resolution 1µm ~ 3µm
Depth Of Field 5.7µm ~ 26µm
NA 0.35 ~ 0.114
Effective F No 28.3 ~ 88
TV Distortion 0.02‰
Largest Compatible CCD 2/3"
Weight 930g
Mount C Mount
Product Code A-0178

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