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Video Image Marker System
The Boeckeler VIA 70 provides eight marking tools - typed text, pointers, grids, scales, circles, boxes, lines and a date/time label. The grids, scales, circles and boxes can be sized on-screen. With the optional light pen, mouse pen or mouse, the operator can also freehand draw over the video image. Combinations of different marker types may be created in one overlay and simultaneously displayed. The align mode allows users to position markers in unison over important aspects of the video image. Up to 10 different overlays can be stored and recalled for later use. The VIA70 comes standard with a keyboard; an optional light pen, mouse pen or mouse can be added to the system.

Typed Text Label video images for video print, still image recorder or projection Pointers 10 different pointers can assist in marking a video image to point Grids Custom grids may be created in horizontal, vertical or box patterns Scales Size and position scales for dimensional measurements or subdivide Circles Sizeable circles and ellipses may be placed anywhere on screen.
Boxes Sizeable boxes or rectangles may be placed anywhere on screen.
Lines Horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines may be positioned in one of Date/Time Set the date and time, then place the label anywhere on the Draw With the optional LP-32 light pen, MP-30 mouse pen or other Align Mode allows users to position markers in unison over important aspects of the On screen display of marker position displayed as X and Y pixel coordinates. Battery backed up memory allows many different markers to be combined and stored in Easy adjustment of gray level or color of markers for optimal contrast with the video Custom menu colors may be designed by the user for optimal legibility. Options include Hide or show stored markers with the touch of a key to instantly view the video image alone or with the Erase markers from the overlay all at once or one at a time.
RS-232C data output transmits ASCII data for displayed marker coordinates and alignment data to printers On screen Help can be accessed at any time during marking.
A Demonstration of Features can be activated to briefly show the various marking functions of the VIA-70
Weight 5 lbs.

display. Useful in record keeping, presentations, video conferences,meetings and more. Upper and lower case characters areavailable and positionable anywhere on screen, in large or smallsize. The background of each label may be solid or clear. Textmay be displayed in a variety of colors at the touch of a key.
out important aspects of the image under study. Pointers includefour different arrows, standard cross hairs, pointed cross hairs, atarget circle, a small circle, a target box and a small box. Each arepositionable anywhere on screen.
(horizontal and vertical).
scales with cross hairs for fine measurements. Sizeablehorizontal and vertical scales available.
three different line thickness selections.
screen. The date/time label will remain active even after theVIA-70 is powered down.
mouse controller, users can draw or write over the video image.
video image. Marker alignment assists in quickly comparing features of objects beinginspected or studied.
ten different overlays, each of which can be recalled even after the unit has been powereddown.
image (color markers will be displayed only if an optional VIA-RGB or VIA-Y/C interface isbeing used). Up to three different marker colors (or gray levels) may be stored on anoverlay.
a "see through" background if the video image needs to be more fully viewed along withthe menu.
or computers.
should a quick overview be needed in training other users.

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