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Digital Linear Gage
The Boeckeler DLGH 110 is designed for longer life and durability, the digital linear gage offers an accurate alternative to dial indicators. Also pictured is a one axis Microcode II digital readout. The DLGH110 Boeckeler® digital linear gage can be used as a direct replacement for most mechanical and digital dial indicators for many applications, including the following: Production inspection, Z-axis measurement on microscope stands, Out-of-roundness measurements, Precision height gage or bench comparator, Fixtured tooling or machining applications.

Greater resolution than conventional indicators.
Accuracy to /- 0.003 mm ( /- 0.000 120 in) per 25 mm travel.
Resolution to 0.000 5 mm (.000 02 in).
Measurement range to 310 mm (12 in). For special requirements, contact us.
Proven, trouble-free operation.
For 0.000 5 mm resolution DLGs, the Boeckeler Microcode IITM digital readout in metric mode will display up to 100 mm only.
Electronics which are well insulated from shock, dirt, dust, chips, etc.
Compatible with TTL quadrature digital readouts.
Accessories available include shock tip, roller tip, extensions, and extension tips to serve a variety of applications.
Range 0-110 mm
Resolution 0.0005 mm
Overall Accuracy /-0.010 mm
Dimension in Inches 4.70 x 1.50 x 11.10 x 0.375 x 0.25
Weight 7 lbs.

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