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Video Micrometer With Five-button Remote Control

The Boeckeler JV-6000 is a video micrometer providing on-screen measurements with four calibration capability. The JV 6000 provides accurate X-axis, Y-axis, and diagonal (D) measurements from a calibrated screen. The X, Y, and D measurements are displayed on the screen at all times after calibration. Features: on-screen measurements: X-axis, Y-axis and diagonal (D), four calibration capability, four decimal display measurement, adjustable matte level (black/gray/white), battery back-up retains the most recent calibration settings for up to 10 years, software security lock prevents unauthorized changes to calibration settings. Applications include: skin and bone graft measurement, cell acceleration measurement, substrates dimension measurement and laser burst targeting and measurement. Options: Y/C (S-VHS) input/output capability for high resolution (JV6000YC), Six decimal display measurement (JV6000D for JV6000).

→ Accommodates RS-170 composite, Y/C (S-VHS) video signals
→ HCMOS logic
→ Color or black & white operation
→ Horizontal resolution up to 1/421 for RS-170 composite and Y/C (S-VHS) → Vertical resolution up to 1/467
→ Battery backup
→ Software security lock
→ 12v dc camera power available from unit
→ Phase-locked to camera
→ Two-year warranty for all parts and labor
→ One-year warranty on all parts and labor
→ CCIR/PAL version available

Video Input RS170, NTSC
Video Output Unity gain, loop through
Power Input 15V dc, 600mA
Power Output - JV1000B & JV6000(T): 12V dc, 350mA; /-15% line and
Resolution 421 (H) x 467 (V)
Matte - JV1000B & JV6000(T): Black to white and any shade of gray; -
Line Type Selectable solid to serrated (N/A JV1500, JV3600, JV5000,
Dimensions - JV1000B & JV6000(T): 5.875" W x 1.75" H x 8.625" D
Weight - JV1000B & JV6000(T): 3 Ibs (1.36 kg) - JVP: 2 Ibs (.91 kg)
JVY/C JV1000BYC, JV2000YC, JV6000YC

95.25 back x 165.12 D mm)

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