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HD/SD-SDI Broadcast Video Marker
DRAW & POINT. Increase audience attention by directing to details on sports, weather, traffic, news, and other broadcast images. Once, only football analysts drew on video. Now, this technology has expanded into many broadcast applications, and is compatible with most production budgets. The Pointmaker by Boeckeler PVI 65 video marker draws on most HD-SDI signals up to 1080i, 720p. The PVI65 professional broadcast video marker is easy to install and use; technicians or talent can draw and point over prerecorded or live images during live broadcast or post-productions. Choose from 12 different pointers, 3 line thicknesses (with or without a drop shadow or outline), with 256 colors available displayed on screen at any one time. Inputs & Outputs. There is one HD-SDI input connector and two HD-SDI outputs. The HD-SDI output signals can be sent to two different devices, for example to a preview monitor and a broadcast switcher, or to a preview monitor and router. Outputs. The two HD-SDI outputs can be configured to display video with menus and annotation, or one output can be designated as displaying video plus annotation but no menus. One output could also be designated for pass through. Key Out. The PVI-65 can generate a key signal. This feature can be used by inputting video, configuring SDI out 1 to pass the annotated video, and configuring SDI out 2 to pass a key signal. The key output is routed to the broadcast switcher, and the annotated video can still be displayed on a preview monitor for talent or crew. These configurations can be set through the Pointmaker main menu. The HD-SDI outputs can also be used to provide a key signal by inputting a black reference signal, setting annotation to white, and routing the signal to a broadcast switcher. Controllers. Drawing and pointing are easily accomplished with a touch screen (not supplied), or an USB digitizing tablet (PVI- 65DU). Larger installations can include up to 4 digitizing tablets or various touch screen monitors. For installs involving a remote RS-232 tablet or touch screen (further than 25ft between the black box and the tablet or touch screen) we recommend using our line driver hardware (DTX-DRV). For installs involving a remote USB tablet or touch screen (further than 6ft) there are USB extenders we can recommend. Please call us or visit our website for more information on line driver hardware.

Compatible with Standard Pointmaker Draw attention with Mark and control Get additional Supports the Supports Undo or
Video IN One HD/SD-SDI (BNC x 1) up to 1920x1080i, 720p
Video OUT Two HD/SD-SDI (BNC) #2 programmable for Program, Key, Preview or Passthrough
Power Source 100-120/200-240 VAC (50/60hz)
Current .5AMP/.25AMP
Power Consumption 60 watts
Operating Temp 34°F to 131°F (0°C to 55°C)
Approx. Weight 7lbs
Dimensions 19”x 1RU
Warranty One (1) year parts and labor.

most composite andY/C sources
(w & w/o drop shadows)
up to 7 differentcolors
unit with touchscreens and/ordigitizing tablets
marking featureswith optionalkeyboard
SMART™ Pen Trayeraser and colors,allowing you todraw in whateverpen color you pickup.

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