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Sierra Video : 1601X2HD

By: Sierra Video
Sierra Video Routing Switchers
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Shasta HD Routing Switcher
The Sierra Video's Shasta HD 16 Series' Shasta 1601x2HD high definition routing switchers employ multi-rate video boards capable of handling standard serial digital video signals including SMPTE 310M, SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 344M, ITU-R BT.601 and DVB-ASI along with HD serial digital video signals conforming to SMPTE 292M (1.485Gbps single link) or SMPTE 372M (2.97Gbps dual link). The Shasta 1601x2 HD dual output routing switcher provides 2 outputs that switch in conjunction, eliminating the need for additional DA hardware.

The Shasta 1601x2HD's frames can be ordered as video only or with unbalanced (1-stream) AES/EBU digital audio, balanced (2-streams) AES/EBU digital or balanced analog stereo audio. The Shasta 1601x2 HD provides automatic reclocking and equalized inputs, and can be controlled locally using their front panel push-button control panel or remotely using any of Sierra Video's SCP programmable, XY, or Single Bus control panels. Additionally, the Shasta 1601x2HD can be controlled over a network using a web browser, TCP/IP, or serially using RS-232/RS-422 control.

Optional Configurations :
Shasta 1601x2HD 16 x 1 HD-SDI/SDI routing switcher with dual outputs
Shasta 1601x2HDEE 16 x 1 HD-SDI/SDI routing switcher 2-streams AES/EBU balanced audio with dual outputs
Shasta 1601x2HDE 16 x 1 HD-SDI/SDI routing switcher 1-stream AES/EBU unbalanced audio with dual outputs
Shasta 1601x2HDS 16 x 1 HD-SDI/SDI routing switcher analog stereo balanced audio, with dual outputs

Shasta HD Routing Switcher 1601x2HD
16x1 HD-SDI/SDI video routing switcher with dual outputs
Automatic Reclocking
Equalized Inputs
Front Panel Control
Available with or without Audio
HD-SDI/SDI Multi-Rate Digital Video
Output (Dual)
Analog Audio (Optional)
Data Rates 19Mbps – 1.485Gbps
Data Types SMPTE 310M, SMPTE 259, SMPTE 344M, SMPTE 292M, DVB-ASI, ITU-R BT.601
Jitter 0.2 UI
Video Level 800mV p-p /-10%
Impedance 75 Ohm
Return Loss 30 dB @ 6 MHz
Cable Equalization Range 0-100 meters for SMPTE 292, Belden 8281, 0-300 meters for all other standards, Belden 8281
Connector Type BNC
Video Level 800mV p-p /- 10%
Impedance 75 Ohm
Return Loss 30 dB @ 6 MHz
Rise/Fall Times 270psec
Connector Type BNC
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20KHz - 0.5dB (typical -3dB @ 120KHz) (unity gain)
Dynamic Range 96dB (20-20KHz unweighted) (unity gain)
Crosstalk -80 dB @ 1KHz (unity gain), -60dB @ 10KHz (unity gain)
THD 0.025% (20Hz - 20KHz @ 4 dBu) (unity gain)
IM 0.025 SMPTE-DIN @ 4 dBu (unity gain), 0.01 % CCIF @ 16 dBu (unity gain)
Maximum Source Level 24dBu balanced
Impedance 20K
Connector Type 6-pin terminal block for balanced audio, BNC for unbalanced AES/EBU
Maximum Source Level 24dBu balanced, 18dBu unbalanced
Impedance 47 Ohm
Audio Connectors 6-pin terminal block for balanced or unbalanced operation
Serial General Purpose 9 pin-D for RS-232, 9600, 38400, 115200 baud
Serial Protocols SVS host, simple Kramer, and select others
Ethernet 10BaseT, full-duplex, RJ-45 connector
Control Panels Supports SCP programmable control panels, XY & single bus control panels
Rack Unit Size/Frame 1RU
Weight 7 LBS/3.1 KG
Dimensions 19”w x 1.75”h x 19”d
Power 90-240 VAC 50/60Hz 64 Watts auto-ranging
Redundant Power Optional
Storage Temperature -40 to 150 degrees F
Operating Temperature 30 degrees to 100 degrees F ambient
Humidity 10% to 90 % non-condensing

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