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Tamron : 13VG550ASII-SQ

By: Tamron
CCTV, Industrial FA/Machine Vision Lenses
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1/3" High Resolution Mega-Pixel Vari-Focal Lens With DC Auto Iris

The Tamron 13VG550ASIISQ is a 1/3" high resolution mega-pixel vari-focal lens with auto-iris (DC) and connector. Near-infrared radiation refracts differently from visible light, causing blurring in video footage captured in the near-infrared spectrum. The Tamron High Resolution IR Lens Series utilizes cuffing-edge optical design technology and advanced low-dispersion glass to converge the focal points of visible light and near-infrared radiation, providing exceptionally sharp image quality 24-hours a day.

Tamron's 13VG550ASII SQ incorporates aspherical elements and ID (Low-Dispersion) glass to provide a resolution of 650W lines. The resolution at the image corners has been improved by more than 50% over conventional models to provide superb image quality over the entire image field.

The focal point of the near-Infrared spectrum is corrected to match that & visible light to provide exceptional image quality over the entire range of wavelengths from visible light to near-Infrared. The fast aperture of F/1.0 enhances the overall sensitivity of Day & Night cameras, allowing operation In color mode under dimmer lighting conditions than with conventional F/1.2 and F/1 .4 lenses.

The 13VG550ASII SQ features manual w/lock focus and zoom operation. With the advance of high-resolution cameras and the rapid digitization of recording systems, there is a growing demand for GCTV camera lenses that can provide high resolution across the entire screen. As a leading manufacturer of integrated optics, Tamron now offers a lineup of high resolution Van-Focal lenses that meet today’s demand for Image resolution, while maintaining a compact and easy-to-install design.

Tamron's devotion to image quality is evident in the exceptional image resolution. Our high resolution Van-Focal Lenses provide a resolution of 650 TV lines over the full range of aperture sizes. Multi-coating Is applied to key lens a surfaces to minimize ghosting and flare. The result is consistently sharp contrast and excellent image quality. Each control ring for zoom, focus and iris* can be independently locked to prevent deviation after installation. (*Manual iris only)

Each lens is equipped with a slip-mount mechanism that allows rotational adjustment of the lens after it is mounted on the camera. This allows optimal positioning of the auto-iris actuator and cable during installation. All lens components are produced using advanced, high-precision manufacturing technologies to prevent image defects such as local blur and focus shift.

Focal Length 5-50mm
Iris Range F/1.4-360
Iris Operation Auto-Iris (DC)
Focus Operation Manual w/Lock
Zoom Operation Manual w/Lock
Mount CS
1/3" Angle of View (wide/telephoto) 53.6° x 40.3°/5.6° x 4.2°
1/4" Angle of View (wide/telephoto) 40.3° x 30.1°/4.2° x 3.1°
Focusing Range 0.3m ~ INF(wide) , 1.0m ~ INF(tele)
Back Focus (in air) wide 10.05 ~ 11.81mm
Operating Voltage Open: 4.0V, Close: 0.7V
Weight 1 lb.
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C


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