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Tamron 13PZG10X6C 1/3" 6-60mm F/1.4 CS-Mount Compact Zoom Lens with Auto Iris DC

Tamron 13PZG 10X6C is a motorized zoom lens. The 13PZG-10X6C has a 6-60mm focal length and an iris range of F/1.4-360.

Focal Length 6-60mm
Iris Range F/1.4 - 360
Iris Operation Auto-Iris (DC)
Focus Operation Motorized
Zoom Operation Motorized
Mount CS
1/3" Angle of View (wide/telephoto) 43.4 ° x 32.7 °/4.5 °x 3.4 °
1/4" Angle of View (wide/telephoto) 32.6 ° x 24.5 °/3.4 °x 2.6 °
Focusing Range 1.2m ~ INF
Back Focus (in air) 14.10mm (in air)
Filter Size M52 P=0.75
Input Power (Focus & Zoom) DC 6V or 12V (47mA)
Iris Operating Voltage Open 4.0V, Close 0V
Weight 1 lb.
Operating Temperature -5 ~ 50 °C


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