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HI-Resoultion Multi-Layer Seamless Switcher; with 4 scalers

Analog-Way's DVX-8044 Mixers & Seamless Switchers are designed to meet any requirement, whether it is for live events, conferences or integrations. With from 2 up to 12 analog and digital inputs and from 2 up to 4 scalers, our Mixers and Seamless Switchers offer multi-format mixing, edge blending, matrix switching and quadravision capabilities, with a variety of stunning dynamic transition effects.


Available Configurations Include:

DVX8044-VO  Hi-Resoultion Multi-Layer Seamless Switcher, Scaled Matrix Edge Blending System with 4 scalers, (OPT-VO included)

DVX8044 features include:

→ Automatic synchronization detection
→ Analog and Digital SD/HD-TV
→ Input, Layer and Logo direct access
→ Freeze/Black
→ User defined layer properties
→ Large Graphic VFD screen with control knobs and buttons for easy and fast access to menus and adjust-ments
→ Standby On/Off

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.