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Multi-Layer, Hi-Resolution Mixer, Matrix, Scaler, Seamless Switcher

Analog-Way's EKS-500 Mixers & Seamless Switchers are designed to meet any requirement, whether it is for live events, conferences or integrations. With from 2 up to 12 analog and digital inputs and from 2 up to 4 scalers, our Mixers and Seamless Switchers offer multi-format mixing, edge blending, matrix switching and quadravision capabilities, with a variety of stunning dynamic transition effects.

The EKS 500 Displays up to 4 computers of video sources on your screen with our Quadravision systems. Manage your windows with ease-of-use thanks to our numerous pre-programmed presets and seamless transition effects.

→ Automatic synchronization detection
→ Analog and Digital SD/HD-TV

SD-TV Composite, S.Video, YUV, RGsB or RGBS; NTSC = 15.735kHz/60Hz; PAL/SECAM = 15.625kHz/50Hz
ED/HD-TV RGsB, RGBS or YUV; 480p/60 Hz - 576p/50 Hz - 720p, 1080i, 1035i/50 or 60Hz - 1080p/24, 25, 30, 50 or 60 Hz - 1080psF/24, 25 or 30 Hz
Computer RGBHV, RGBS or RGsB; Resolution up to 1600x1200/60 Hz, 1920x1200/60 Hz or 2048x1080/60 Hz; Horizontal frequency from 31.5 to 130 kHz; Vertical frequency up to 130 Hz; FpxMax = 165MHz
DVI-I SD-TV, ED-TV, HD-TV and Computer formats
SDI SD-TV & HD-TV - YUV/10bits/4:2:2, or 3G-SDI
Computer Digital and Analog RGBHV, RGBS or RGsB and DVI; Resolution up to 1600x1200/60 Hz, 1920x1200/60 Hz or 2048x1080/60 Hz; Vertical frequency 50, 60, 72 or 75 Hz depending on Output format; FpxMax = 165MHz
HD-TV RGsB, RGBS or YUV, DVI; 720p, 1080i, 1035i/50 or 60Hz - 1080p/24, 25, 30, 50 or 60Hz - 1080psF/24, 25 or 30Hz
Operation Standards SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 274M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE, 296M and SMPTE 424M
HD Formats 720p@50/59.95 & 60Hz - 1035i @59.94@60Hz - 1080i@50/59.94/@60Hz - 1080p@23.97/24/25/29.97/30/50 & 60Hz - 1080psF@25 or 30Hz
Audio Stereo Input 8 Audio stereo inputs 1 Auxiliary (All Balanced/Unbalanced); 4 inputs from embedded SDI; Vi = 15dBU max; Zi = 40 kOhms (Balanced); Adjustable Level per input; 4 inputs from Embedded SDI
Audio Stereo Output 2 independent outputs; Balanced/Unbalanced; Vo = 15 dBU/300 Ohms (Unbalanced); Vo = 21 dBU/600 Ohms (Balanced)
User Controls - Front Panel Standby On/Off; Input, Layer and Logo direct access; Freeze/Black; Effect and preset selection; Large Graphic VFD screen with control knobs and buttons for easy and fast access to menus and adjustments
Connectors - Rear Panel Input #1 to #4 Connectors = HD15-F = (Analog SD/ED/HD-TV and Computer); Input #5 to #6 and DVI-I 1 to DVI-I 2 Connectors = DVI-I Female = (Analog SD/ED/HD-TV and Computer);SDI 1, SDI 2, SDI 3, SDI 4 = BNC = SD/HD SDI; Audio = 5 pin MCO connectors = 9 for Inputs and 2 for Outputs; DB9 = Dual RS232 for remote control; RJ45 = Ethernet connection AC main connector with On/Off switch
Each output is fitted with DVI-I Female = (Digital and Analog) RGB or YUV; HD15 Female = RGB or YUV
Video Out BNC-F = SD/HD-SDI (with audio embedded); 3 x BNC- = Y-Cb-Cr; Mini Din 4 = S.Video; BNC-F = Composite Video PAL/NTSC
Dimensions 2U, 19"; D 13" x W 19" x H 3.15"; D 330 mm x W 480 mm x H 88 mm
Weight 5.400kg/11.90lbs
Power Supply Internal, universal, automatic, 100-250 V; 50/60Hz; 140 W (UL, CSA, GS, CE)
Supplied with 1 x Power supply cord; 2 x DVI-I male to HD15 female DVI-D female breakout cable; 1 x HD15-M to 5 BNC-F cable; 1 x Ethernet crossover cable; 1 x Set of 11 audio 5 pin screw terminals; 1 x Remote Control Software (RCS) (PC only)*; 1 x User Manual*; 1 x Quick Start Guide*
Warranty 3-year warranty on parts and labor back to factory


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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.