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CCTV, Industrial FA/Machine Vision Lenses
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High Resolution Mono-Focal Factory Automation Lens

The Tamron 23FM-25SP lenses are excellent for a wide range of image processing tasks. Every optical aberration is thoroughly compensated for and as a result, high resolution is achieved from corner to corner. Also the 23FM25SP isoptically designed to achieve high quality performance even at minimum focusing distances.

High resolution is achieved by thoroughly compensating for aberrations and distortion, a critical requirement of image processing. In order to endure the vibration of factory automation apparatus, solid mechanisms are utilized. This makes it possible to maintain the finest quality even after long periods of use. Special versions of the lenses are available featuring lock mechanisms for the iris and focus making their use ideal in places suffering significant vibrations.

The 23FM25-SP is optimized for mega-pixel cameras to deliver high performance in closeup shots. The lenses feature an advanced mechanical construction that achieves a closer Minimum Object Distance (MOD). The MOD of the 50mm and 75m.m is just 0.5m and less than 0.3m for all the other lenses. Due to the greater focusing range, the lenses offer more coverage when they are used with the optional extension rings.

Tamron ’s compact lenses fit in the dimensional requirements of the machinery. The lenses that cover the most popular angles of view (8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 35mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75rnrn) each feature the same barrel diameter. All the lenses (excluding the 25FM65) have a uniform filter size of M255 P05. Available filters include a UV, Polarizer, Red, Green and Blue.

→ Maximum performance with high resolution and distortion compensation
→ Maximum reliability with solid and lock mechanisms
→ Maximum flexibility with closer mod, compact design and a uniform filter size

Imager Size 2/3
Mount Type C
Focal Length 25mm
Aperture Range 1.4 - 22
Angle of View (Horizontal x Vertical) 2/3: 20.0° x 15.1°
1/2: 14.6° x 11.0°, 1/3: 11.0° x 8.2°
TV Distortion Less than -0.05%
Focusing Range 0.15m - ∞
Operation Focus: Manual with Lock
Iris: Manual with Lock
Filter Size M30.5 P=0.5mm
Back Focus (in air) 17.17mm
Weight 1 lb.
Operating Temperature -10°C - 60°C


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