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A2-7300 Series Audio Format Converter

The TV One A2-7312 breakout unit is a high quality audio format converters designed primarily to provide maximum format flexibility for the C2-7310 HD Audio/Video Processor's audio inputs and outputs. The C2-7310 provides AES3-id audio I/O via two HD-44 Connectors. Any two of the A2-7300 models, or two of the same model, can connect to these connectors to bring the AES3-id signals out to BNC connectors or to change the audio format completely. All of the AES audio channels can be synchronized to a DARS reference when connected to the C2-7310 via any of the A2-7300 units. Additionally, the A2-7300 units may be used in conjunction with one another, without the C2-7310, to provide bi-directional analog/digital or AES3/AES3-id conversion.

The A2-7312 provides an HD-44 interface to 16 AES3-id (8-in/8-out) and a DARS reference input on BNCs mounted on a 1RU panel via a 1.5 meter (4.5') interconnect cable. The connectors may be separated from the panel if system wiring requirements dictate.


A2-7312 features include:

  • C2-7310 Dual-Channel HD-SDI Video/Audio Processor
  • 8 AES3-id Inputs on 75Ω BNC Connectors
  • 8 AES3-id Outputs on 75Ω BNC Connectors
  • DARS AES3-id Input on a HD44 Connector
Input (8) digital stereo channels on AES3 XLR connectors
(1) DARS reference 75 Ohms on BNC connector
Output (8) digital stereo channels on AES3 XLR connectors
Signal Voltage level: Vp-p
Impedance: 110 Ohms
Power Not specified by manufacturer
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1.75 x 19 (44 x 482mm) (HxW)
Depth not specified by manufacturer
Weight Not specified by manufacturer

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