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Marshall Electronics : OR-701A

By: Marshall Electronics
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High-End 7"; Dual Input Audio and Video Monitor with Stereo Speakers

The Marshall Electronics OR-701A takes the same multi-function waveform and Vectorscope features found in Marshall's OR 702 and adds full range audio speakers and a new vertical audio bar layout for real-time audio monitoring. Any two of the sixteen audio channels being de-embedded from the HD-SDI source may be monitored through the built-in full range speakers. The same audio is available from balanced XLR outputs on the rear panel, along with the two front panel headphone jacks (3.5mm and 1/4'). Each audio output has its own level control. The front panel speakers have Volume, Balance and Mute controls that operate separately from the rear panel line and front panel headphone outputs.

The OR 701A is 3RU and has 11 user-assignable function keys as well as 4 user-assignable rotary encoders. This unit also utilizes a 5 button menu system. The built-in waveform monitor (which includes adjustable White and Black clip level indicators) can be displayed in three different aspect ratios including Full Screen. The built-in Vectorscope displays in full color and can also be displayed in three different ratios. The Vectorscope has adjustable gain from 1x to 5x. All screens are color matched at the factory and can be auto-adjusted in the field using an optional color probe system. The 64-segment tri-color bar graph meters have user-adjustable reference levels. The OR701A comes standard with auto-sensing HD-SDI inputs, re-clocked output, and an open modular slot for additional input options.

OR-701A features include:

→ Full Range Stereo Speakers
→ Real-Time Waveform Monitor
→ Real-Time Color Vectorscope
→ Sixteen 64-segment Tri-color Audio Meters
→ Tri-Color Tally Indicator
→ On-Screen Time Code
→ 7 assignable GPI Inputs
→ Adjustable Color Temperature
→ Optional Input Modules
→ Front Panel Headphone Jacks
→ Rear Balanced 4 Stereo Outputs
→ Adjustable Clipping Indicator
→ Precision Gamma Settings
→ Adjustable Color Temperature
→ Variety of Safety Markers
→ HD-SDI / SDI Inputs and Outputs
→ Auto White Balance Calibration - Compatible with Konica Minolta CA-210 Color Analyzer

Display (Viewing Area) 7"
Resolution 800 x 480
Brightness (in cd/m²) 350
Contrast Ratio 400:1
Available Input Types HD-SDI x 2 (auto sensing)
Output HD-SDI (switched)
Option Input Slot 1
Dimensions 18.9"'W x 5.2"H x 2.38"D
Waveform Small, Medium, Large, Full Screen
Vectorscope Small, Medium, Large, Full Screen
Audio Bars 4, 8, 16, Active only, Horizontal or vertical
Speakers 2.5" x 2
Frequency Response TBD
Inputs 16 Channels de-embedded from HD-SDI data
Rear Panel Stereo 4dBu XLR and 3.5mm -10dBu Line Outputs
Front Panel 3.5mm and 1/4' Stereo Headphone outputs
SPL 75dB SPL A-weighted 1 Meter


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