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Dedicated Micros : CAMVU720

By: Dedicated Micros
CCTV and Security Solutions, DVR's, Video Servers and Cameras
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High Definition IP Camera
The CamVu720 Series are high definition IP Cameras offering up to 2 megapixel image streams in a choice of compression formats. With advanced features such as ICR, analytics support and direct configuration from associated Video Servers, the CamVu 720 contains a powerful suite of enterprise-scale capabilities. The CamVu-720 is also designed for Dedicated Micros next generation of video surveillance - Closed IPTV.

The CamVu720 provides high definition image streams up to 2 megapixel, with a configurable resolution of up to 1280x720 (16:9) and 1600x1200 (4:3). The powerful suite of streaming features ensure flexibility in remote viewing of the camera whilst on-board storage and supported transmission protocols such as AoE provide a wealth of local and remote recording options.

As part of our growing range of AnalyticsCapable products, the CamVu 720 Series is able to contain the latest analytics solutions from Dedicated Micros including Object Left/Removed Detection Tripwire and Counting Tripwire, all locally hosted on the camera.

With NetVu Connected products users can seamlessly integrate Video Servers, Cameras & Domes, Management Systems, mobile viewing devices and video walls together without the costly impact of significant integration time. A shared user interface helps minimise operator training whilst powerful features such as Direct configuration of PTZ Cameras and Domes from connected DVRs helps reduce installation time providing benefits to both end user and installer/integrator.

The incredible flexibility of Dedicated Micros NetVu Connected platform enables multi-environment security installations to be achieved with ease. Integration of Fixed and Mobile DVRs and Video Servers alongside products such as FireVu (for Video Smoke Detection) enable large scale solutions with several application requirements to be designed and built with ease.

Dedicated Micros' unique Visual Signal Processor (ViSP) allows the CamVu720-Series to transmit multiple simultaneous MPEG-4, H.264 and/ or JPEG images to any number of associated NetVu Connected devices for image viewing. Each stream can be tailored to suit the viewer's bandwidth requirements.

Dedicated Micros' award winning Closed IPTV solution combines open standard IP protocols with patent pending innovation to provide simple to install, safe and secure IP video solutions across new or existing networks. Automatically allocating IP addresses to IP cameras by physical port, a Closed IPTV system is completely deterministic, creating firewalls and monitoring point-to-point IP connections so they cannot be hacked or intercepted. Critical to the security of a Closed IPTV system is the unique implementation of Trusted Endpoint technology; a secret signature, applied at lock down, enables endpoint devices such as IP cameras to be secure, immediately triggering a security alert should any interference be detected.

This ground breaking solution provides a very simple and secure answer to IP video, meaning that no prior knowledge of IP networking is required. Sophisticated and Dependable network security can be achieved with a single click.

Colour IP Camera with excellent, real-time, low light sensitivity
0.2 lux at F1.2
High definition IP Camera - up to 2MP resolution
Available in static camera, internal mini-dome or Vandal Resistant Mini-dome options
Integrated Camera Recording and full enterprise video server within camera
Can form part of a Closed IPTV system
Transmission of multiple, simultaneous video streams in MPEG-4, H.264 and JPEG format enables multiple users to view video streams at the settings they require
AnalyticsCapable - enables analytics solutions to be deployed on your CCTV system
Works with any DM Video Server that supports IP Streaming & Recording
MultiMode Recording - Dynamically-switchable resolution, record-rate & compression (MPEG-4/H.264/JPEG) settings
Web server for remote configuration of camera features
Power over Ethernet (PoE) / 12-24Vdc & 24Vac power options
Local analogue test monitor output for use when positioning and adjusting the camera’s field of view and focus
CMVU720 Can be used externally in a compatible housing such as a DM/2010
TransCoding - High quality recording and simultaneous video transmission using MPEG4, JPEG or H.264 for playback
Uses the latest Chipwrights ViSP to minimise power consumption and heat build up
IMAGER 1/3" CMOS Progressive Scan
MINIMUM ILLUMINATION 0.3 lux at F1.2 (CMVU720); 0.3 lux at F1.3 (CMVUD720); 0.3 lux at F1.3 [all using frame integration], comparable sensitivity at 10pps - 2.85lux (CMVUVRD720)
SHUTTER TIME 1/100s to 1/1s
LENS C/CS with back focus adjustment ring. Direct drive DC iris via 4-pin square type socket on the side of the camera. 1/3" lenses can be used. (CMVU720); Integrated 3-10mm varifocal with DC iris, F1.3 Aspherical glass with IR corrective coating (CMVUD720/CMVUVRD720)
MAXIMUM IMAGE RATE 30pps @ 800 x 600 px (single connection to camera), 15pps at up to 1600 x 1200 (4:3, 2MP) & 1280 x 720 (16:9, 1MP)
IMAGE STREAMING Multiple, simultaneous, individual video streams in any supported compression format, bit rate or resolution can be sent to any connected user
TRANSCODING Transmit multiple simultaneous MPEG-4, H.264 and/or MJPEG recorded image streams to any number of associated NetVu Connected devices for image viewing. Eachstream can be tailored to suit bandwidth requirements. Resolution and format can be dynamically changed without the need to stop and then restart the stream. This operation is carried out independently of high resolution recordings.
COMPOSITE VIDEO OUTPUT (PAL / NTSC) live display, initially operational for 10 minutes (user configurable) to enable camera focusing / configuration. Video output can also be used as part of a media display or emergency messaging capability.
INTEGRATED CAMERA RECORDING (ICR) ICR combines recording capability and a full enterprise video server within the camera. Record camera footage at the unit as well as any associated Video Server. An integrated Micro SD expansion port provides local recording capability whilst ATA over Ethernet (AoE) protocol provides highly-secure point-to-point transfer of video files to separate, remote, storage devices for backup and longterm archiving. Enables a tiered storage architecture that ensures no single point of failure.
IMAGE CONTROL Camera Title, Lens Select, AWB, Electronic Iris, Exposure Level, Flip/Mirror Video, Sharpness Control
WEB PAGE CONFIGURATION Simple Web page configuration will allow the following functions to be configured: Camera setup, Manual update of viewing profiles, Network and Alarm settings (CMVUVRD720 includes Audio Settings)
DIRECT CAMERA CONFIGURATION Directly configure from the associated NetVu Connected Video Server. In addition, when used within a Closed IPTV system, default settings (such as streaming rate, resolution, aspect ratio, telemetry, lens configuration etc.) can be automatically assigned to the camera
APPLICATION SUPPORT Browser: IE 5.5 / Firefox 2.0 and above; Developer: Java via Dedicated Micros SDK
NETVU OBSERVER - SEAMLESS VIDEO MANAGEMENT Dedicated Micros NetVu ObserVer video management software allows seamless viewing and control of live and recorded images from any NetVu Connected product (IP or analogue) in a single interface. The ability to view multiple sites simultaneously makes management of any security installation efficient. The inclusion of RVRC (ARC) features such as EDP, event characterisation and report generation make NetVu ObserVer ideal for remote monitoring of multiple sites. (Supplied with Product, Apple Mac Version Available)
ALARMS & RELAYS Video Motion Detection (VMD) & Activity Detection, Zoned alarms based on multiple inputs. On alarm actions include; Alarm Reporting, Record Profile change, Email, Relay Closure (Relay closure on models with relay outputs only). 2 physical alarm inputs & 1 physical relay output (CMVUVRD720).
AUDIO 1x audio input (mono) – 3.5mm jack, 47k ω input impedance, 1x audio ouput (mono) – 3.5mm jack, 47k ω input impedance (CMVUVRD720 Only)
ENCLOSURE Zintec case, Cast Zinc lens mount, V0 ABS trim (CMVU720); Grey ABS, Clear polycarbonate bubble (CMVUD720); IP66 Die cast aluminium LM25 Base, Lexan Polycarbonate Bubble (CMVUVRD720)
CONNECTIONS Ethernet = 10/100 BaseT RJ45 Connector PoE; Storage = Micro SD slot for recording. Supplied with 2GB class 4 card. Secondary Micro SD slot for recording [CMVU720]; Terminal Block for Alarms & Relays (CMVUVRD720); Power = Terminal Block
MOUNTING OPTIONS 1/4" 20 UNC mounts on top and bottom (CMVU720); Ceiling, surface (via provided fixings), 3-axis GyroView set up (CMVUD720); Surface (via provided fixings), 3-axis GyroView set up (CMVUVRD720)
MEASUREMENTS (LxHxW) 123 x 60 x 60 mm (CMVU720); 120 x 120 x 110mm (CMVUD720); 148 x 148 x 104mm (CMVUVRD720)
WEIGHT CMVU720 = 0.4kg (14oz) without lens; CMVUD720 = 0.3kg (10.5oz); CMVUVRD720 = 1.18kg (41.6oz)
POWER CMVU720 = 12Vdc - 24Vac/PoE, 4.5W consumption; CMVUD720 = PoE only, 4.5W consumption; CMVUVRD720 = 12Vdc/PoE, 4.5W Consumption
POWER OVER ETHERNET IEEE 802.3-2008. End span and bridging injectors supported. Supplied with a PoE injector to allow power to be applied to the connecting Ethernet cable without the need for a PoE enabled network switch. This allows 48V power (supplied seperately) to be provided down the line to the camera on the same cable that is used for data transmission.
Operating Temperature -10º to 50ºC (14º to 122ºF)
Operating Humidity 20% to 80% relative humidity, non condensing
Storage Temperature -10º to 70ºC (14º to 158ºF) [CMVU720 & CMVUD720]; -30º to 50ºC (-22º to 122ºF ) [CMVUVRD720]
Storage Humidity 20% to 90% relative humidity, non condensing
Warranty 2 years

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