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Sierra Video : 1208HB5S

By: Sierra Video
Sierra Video Routing Switchers
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12x8 RGBHV Matrix Switcher with Balanced Stereo
The Sierra Video Alta Pro series RGBHV 1208HB5S routing switchers, with Balanced Stereo feature, offer the highest-available bandwidth in the industry with extremely low crosstalk and a reduced foot-print. The Alta Pro 1208 HB5S routing switchers employ a single vertically-mounted video board which contains all the signal paths for video routing. Fewer boards mean a simpler, and therefore even more reliable product.

1208HB5S 12x8 RGBHV Matrix Switcher with Balanced Stereo
Sierra Alta Pro Series
Bandwidth - 600MHz (-3dB)
Control - RS-232, RS-422 & Ethernet
Digital Volume Control
RGB Video Feature
High Bandwidth - 600MHz (-3dB) fully loaded.
Extremely Low Crosstalk - < -85dB @1MHz.
A/V Breakaway Switch Routing - Video and audio may be switched separately for enhanced performance with projectors and displays.
Room Grouping - Several inputs may be grouped and operated independently of other input groups on the routing switchers. This way one routing switcher is used for multiple “rooms” where the control system for each room addresses only the inputs and outputs assigned to that room.
Video Follow Sync™ Switching - The H and V channels of an RGBHV signal are switched in advance of the RGB video channels of the signal (“AV Mute Delay”) to provide clean, glitch-free switching between non-synchronous sources.
Video Mute Capability - Switches to “no source” for blank display.
Sync Features
Sync Reporting - Captures and reports the input sync rates for each input signal. Those rates can be read using Sierra Video’s TyLinx Pro™ Router Control Software or the Host port protocol. An optional local control panel setting displays any input that does not have a valid sync signal.
Input Detection - 200mv. Re-shapes and re-squares sync to output the correct TTL level.
Selectable Termination - 10 or 75 ohm on inputs 1 to 8.
Analog Audio Features
Audio Type - Balanced or un-balanced stereo on terminal blocks.
Input (Level) Adjustment (-8dB to 10dB) - For each input via RS-232, front panel, and TyLinx Pro Router Control Software. Balances audio levels in systems passing consumer and professional audio levels.
Output (Volume) Adjustment (Mute, -59.5dB to 15dB) - For each output via RS-232, front panel, and TyLinx Pro Router Control Software.
No Zipper Effect - Sierra Alta Pro routing switchers employ zero crossover chip technology which eliminates the annoying “zipper sound effect” associated with digital volume controls.
Crosstalk - < -89dB @1MHz.
Audio Mute Capability - < -89dB @1MHz.
LED Bar Graph Display - For indicating audio signal levels on the front panel.
Control Features
8 levels of button light intensity.
RS-485 - for optional control panels.
Supports TCP/IP protocol - rear panel RJ-45 connector.
TyLinx Pro Router Control Software and TyLinx Pro Net™ Network-Enabled Router Control Sof tware.
Other Features
Color-Coded Rear Panel - Red, green, blue, white and yellow for ease of cable installation.
Energy Savings - Uses 40% less power than previous generation RGBHV routing switchers.
Downloadable Firmware Updates.
Certifications - UL & CE.
Control Panels (Optional) - Programmable, single bus and XY.
RGB Video
Stereo Audio
Control Features
Mounts in standard 19” rack
Depth measurements do not include front panel hardware or rear cabling
Dedicated Front Panel Control - 28 tri-color backlit buttons 12 input, 8 output, and 8 function buttons.
High Bandwidth 600MHz @-3dB
Video Gain Unity
Crosstalk -85dB @1MHz; -56dB @100MHz ; -50dB @150MHz
Switching Speed Deterministic
Video Level 0.2V to 2.25Vpp with no offset
Impedance Video: 75 ohm
Sync 75 ohm or 510 ohm, switchable
Return Loss <-11dB
Connector Type BNC
Video Level 0.2V to 2.25Vpp
Impedance 75 ohm
Return Loss <-10dB
Connector Type BNC
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz /- 0.5dB
Dynamic Range >96dB (20Hz to 20kHz)
Crosstalk (all inputs hostile) < -89dB @1kHz (unity gain)
THD < 0.025% (20Hz to 20kHz @ 4dBu unity gain)
IM < 0.025% SMPTE-DIN @ 4dBu unity gain ; < 0.01% CCIF @ 14dBu unity gain
Max. Source Level 14dBu
Impedance >20k ohm
Level Adjustment Range -8dB to 10dB
Connector Type 5-pin terminal block for balanced or unbalanced operation
Max. Source Level 14dBu balanced; 8dBu unbalanced
Impedance <50 ohm
Volume Adjustment Range Mute, -59.5dB to 15dB
Connector Type 5-pin terminal block for balanced or unbalanced operation
Serial General purpose 9-pin D-sub connector, switchable RS-232 or RS-422 9600, 38400, 115200 baud
Serial Protocols SVS host, simple Kramer, and select others
Ethernet 10/100BaseT, full-duplex, RJ-45 connector
Ethernet Protocols ARP, ICMP, TCP/IP, Telnet, HTTP
Web Server For control
Control Panels Supports SCP programmable control panels, XY & single bus control panels
Rack Unit Size/Frame 3U
Dimensions 19” x 12.5” x 5.25” (W, D, H)
Power Requirement 90-240V AC, 50/60Hz (<150W) auto-detecting
Power Usage =0.3A
Storage Temperature -40º to 150ºF
Operating Temperature 30º to 100ºF ambient
Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
Warranty 7 years

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.