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Sierra Video : SV-MV-XX

By: Sierra Video
Sierra Video Routing Switchers
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SierraView™ Multi-Viewer
The Sierra Video SierraView SV-MV-XX provides up to 64 video inputs in a single multi-viewer configuration (SV-MV-XXS) or up to 2 x 32 inputs in a dual multi-viewer configuration (SV-MV-XXD). Each configuration is housed in a 3RU frame with an optional 1RU remote control panel (SV-Remote).
The SierraView SV-MV XX is ideal for use in control room and studio environments.
The SierraView SV-MV-XX, from Sierra Video, belongs to a full-featured high resolution multi-viewer family that provides a flexible and cost-effective way of combining and displaying multiple images (or “tiles”) on a single or dual video display device. The SierraView SV-MV XX is designed for extreme versatility, allowing tile content, size, labels and positioning as well as display background to be changed to suit any application.

Optional Configurations :
SV-MV-XXS — Up to 64-input multi-viewer, 3RU
SV-MV-XXD — Up to 2 x 32-input multi-viewer, 3RU

The SierraView SV-MV-XX allows multiple images to be displayed on a single device. With SierraView, multiple video channels, audio channels, audio meters, clocks and data can be integrated into a single display, or can be distributed and integrated among several displays for sophisticated studio monitoring and control purposes.
The SV-MV-XX handles virtually any video format up to HD 1080p, 3Gbps. Optional input cards for fiber connection are available for 270Mps, 1.5Gbps and 3Gbps HD-SDI/SDI.
Extensive audio metering and monitoring support is a standard feature in all SierraView models. Up to 16 channels of audio bargraphs may be displayed per tile, superimposed on the video tile or placed outside of it. Audio may be embedded or external analog, AES/EBU or Dolby® depending on the optional cards selected. Most international standard scales and ballistics (including Loudness) are supported and may be set by the user.
SierraView SV-MV-XX is simple to configure. There are two frame configurations available: the single and dual multi-viewer. The single, SV-MV-XXS, uses the entire frame for one multi-viewer with up to 64 video inputs. The dual, SV-MV-XXD, utilizes a split frame configuration, providing two separate multi-viewers, each with 32 video inputs. For each frame configuration, there are two types of video input card, HD or non-HD capable. These may be mixed if required and HD cards added at a later date providing an easy upgrade path. SierraView offers a wide choice of input connector modules fitted at the rear depending on the video and audio formats used.
The browser interface has been designed to make SierraView models very easy to use and enables all parameters to be quickly adjusted or pre-set configurations to be recalled, or played out as scheduled events. The optional remote panel (SV-Remote) has ten buttons which enable pre-set configurations to be instantly recalled.
Sierra Video SV-MV-XX SierraView™ Multi-Viewer
Up to 64 video inputs or a dual multi-viewer with up to 2 x 32 inputs
Up to 1024 audio channels may be displayed
2 x DVI-I outputs per multi-viewer
Analog and digital video formats up to HD 1080p, 3Gbps
Optional fiber input cards for SDI sources
3RU compact design
Input Card Option 1 SDI SMPTE 259M, component video, RGB/YUV, composite video PAL/NTSC, CVBS 1V p-p, DVI-I digital or analog
component, 1920 x 1080
Input Card Option 2 HD-SDI SMPTE 424M & SMPTE 292M, component video, RGB/YUV, composite video PAL/NTSC, CVBS 1V p-p, DVI-I
digital or analog component, 1920 x 1080
Input Card Option 3 Fiber for SDI video at 270Mbps, 1.5Gbps and 3Gbps HD-SDI/SDI (discrete fiber inputs or single fiber with CWDM)
Internal Inputs Embedded audio, up to 16 channels per video feed
External Audio (Optional) Analog, up to 32 channels (16 pairs)
AES/EBU, up to 32 channels (16 pairs)
Audio data derived from the DATA-xx audio metering unit, via LAN, up to 64 channels (analog or AES/EBU digital)
Compatible with displays handling XGA TG, XGA, 720p60, 720p50, SXGA, SXGA , 1080p50, 1080p60
Image Configuration Images can be continuously varied in size and position on screen or may be displayed in pre-configured layouts, positions and sizes
Two Display Output Tiles may be assigned to one or both outputs
Audio Metering Standards Optional AES/EBU, BBC PPM, DIN PPM, Nordic PPM, VU and Extended VU Loudness metering
UMD Sierra Router protocol (via serial or LAN), browser software via LAN, and RS-232/422 serial software supporting TSL,
Image Video or other protocols
Clock Inputs Via NTP or LTC
File Upload Up to 4 bitmap files can be uploaded and may be displayed simultaneously
GPI/GPO 16 inputs, 8 outputs
Frame 3RU with removable front panel, 20 card slots and rear connector modules, heat sensitive, fan-assisted
ventilation with status LED, 2 power status LEDs
Frame Dimensions 16.54” (W) x 5.25” (H) x 19” (D)
Frame Weight 41lbs. (full frame, estimated)
Connectors BNC, s-Video, 26 pic “D” HD male, 26 pin “D” HD female, 44 pin “D” HD male, 44 pin “D” HD female, LAN, RS-422,
USB-2, DVI-I, IEC Power, Low-voltage connector
Power Requirements 84-260 VAC, 50/60Hz, optional 12-24 VDC
Indicators Power supply and fan failure LED indicators on front panel
Redundant Power Supply Optional back-up external 1kW 1RU power supply
Control and Configuration Using browser software via LAN
Input Loop-Through Optional on SDI and HD-SDI these are provided on a rear connector panel that occupies two card slots
Video 2 x DVI-I outputs (analog and digital) per multi-viewer, supporting resolutions up to 1080p (1920 x 1080, 169)
Sources Fully scalable and displayed in native format, 43 or 16:9
Audio Monitoring Up to 8 analog output channels standard supporting resolutions, XGA, 720p60, 720p50, SXGA, SXGA 1080p60, and 1080p50, 169 aspect ratio
On video inputs Video sync loss; Black; Freeze-frame;
On metadata inputs VITC loss; Subtitles loss; Teletext loss; V-chip loss;
On audio inputs Embedded audio loss; External audio loss; Over level; Out of phase; With outputs to: Tallies; Borders; GPIs/GPOs; LAN; SNMP traps

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