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Sierra Video : DATA-XX

By: Sierra Video
Sierra Video Routing Switchers
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64-channel audio metering and alarm system
The SierraView DATA-xx provides conversion of analog or AES digital audio (up to 64 channels) into data that represents audio level indication conforming to the most common international standards. The data may be sent to the SV-MV-xx for display, made available on a network as audio metering data for third party bargraph display monitoring, or used in any application where audio level indication and alarm functionality is required.

The DATA xx is housed in a 1RU rack-mountable frame.

Sierra Video DATA-xx 64-channel audio metering and alarm system
64 audio channels input capability
4 slots of 16 channels each
1RU frame with split fixed and user removable front panel
All cards accessible in-rack from behind the removable front panel
4 slots used for the input cards
1 slot used for the processor board with data outputs
1 slot for analog and AES/EBU monitor outputs
All cards interconnected using 96 pin DIN connectors and a backplane
Switch-mode PSU
Power switch on the fixed section (left side) of the front panel
16 input channels
Input card types automatically recognized
On-board processor/logic
Outputs any 4 pairs of audio at 24bit resolution (to main processor board)
Level processing performed at 16 bit resolution
Input PCBs connects to interface board via 96 pin DIN connector
8 x 25 pole, Sub-D for analog and AES/EBU
Other connector adapters to fit the 25 pole Sub-D
I/O on RS-232 @ 115Kbps (data out, alarms out/reset, parameter read/set)
I/O on RS-422 @ 115Kbps (data out, alarms out/reset, parameter read/set)
Above ports cannot be used together - they are simply the same port except for the voltage levels used.
Output on RS-422 for audio alarm units (third party). (Data out, alarms out/reset)
I/O on USB-2 (data out, alarms out/reset, parameter read/set)
I/O on LAN port (data out, alarms out/reset, parameter read/set)
Up to 4 pairs audio monitor outputs running on the USB-2 compressed. (All 96kHz AES/EBU channels will be re-sampled at 48KHz so that everything runs at the same rate. The USB-2 will work at 6.144MHz plus level & alarm data).
Scale/ballistic data will be in dB
Up to 4 pairs, analogue or AES/EBU. 24 bit output
The AES/EBU inputs coming in at 96kHz will be re-sampled to 48kHz and sent out at 48kHz
Monitor outputs - balanced analog and AES/EBU. Analog outputs max 20dBu.
All firmware is stored in field programmable FLASH memory.
All cards are “hot-swapable”.
Audio formats analog with 24dB capability, AES/EBU (Balanced/Unbalanced selected by jumpers on the PCB), other options, including Dolby Digital (5 channels per PCB), Dolby E, SDI embedded, MADI, ADAT
Input card organization
Analog cards alarm detection for audio loss, over level, out-of-phase on adjacent pairs
AES/EBU cards 32/44.1/48/96KHz capable, same alarm detection as analog plus carrier loss detection
Audio Input Connectors
Video Inputs PAL/NTSC video input for frame synchronization
Data Input/Outputs
Audio Monitor Outputs (Optional PCB)
Video Monitor Outputs (Optional PCB) DVI-I (inc XGA) to support 4:3 & 16:9 aspect ratios, graphical interface

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