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Fujinon : UV12.5SZ792A-1

By: Fujinon
Optics for Medical, Security, Industrial & Motion Picture
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1/2-inch Format UV Light Lens
The Fujinon UV12.5SZ792A1 is a UV light lens suitable for mega pixel sensor.

Optical glass for UV light is adopted. The lens has wide UV light range which also includes 250nm light transmission. If visible light cut filter is removed, visible light is also transmitted. We can design custom-order special wavelength filter.

This lens is exclusively designed for UV wavelength ranges. It is suitable for 1/2mega pixel sensor. It supports high resolution images and offers a wide range of applications. In combination with a visible light camera this lens can observe visible light images by removing the visible light cut filter and re-adjusting the focus. (In this case, optical performance becomes lower.)

UV12.5SZ792A 1 can be used with 1/2 type mega pixel camera. It supports high resolution imaging in specified applications.

UV lens is very useful for the imaging described below
Imaging exploits the difference of reflectivity or absorption of UV. Some materials which are transparent with visible light become inky-black with UV. Some materials look equal with visible light but become clearly distinguishable with UV because reflectivity and absorption is different with UV light.
Examples are showed below.
Observation of adhesive and paint.
Observation of bubbles (bonding surface of double-sided tape)
Determination of natural and artificial teeth.Observation of aging spot of skin.
Observation of plant's tissue (example : layers of onion clearly seen)

Imaging exploits UV as a short wavelength light
UV wavelength is shorter so dispersion from tiny bump or a defect surface becomes clearer. UV is suitable for detecting tiny scratches. In this type of observations, illuminating wavelength and illuminating mode (spot or diffused) are important.
Scratches on glass or plastic surface.
Scratches on painted surfaces of automobile, furniture and handiwork.
Cracks on the surface of tooth.

Wavelength characteristic
Visible light cut filter used. Spectral transmission of filter lens can be changed, using different filter.

Wavelength Characteristic

Recommended Camera:
Ikegami: SKC-161UV

Excellent characteristics on UV wavelength
Best optical design for UV light
Use with 1/2” type camera
Applications of UV lens
Application UV imaging
Focal length 12.5mm
Maximum relative aperture 1:2.5
Iris range F2.5 ~ F22
Image circle φ8mm
Flange focus 17.526mm(in air)
Focus range ∞ ~ 0.1m(high resolution); ~0.05m (focus possible)
Suitable camera image size 1/2" type
Angle of view - Horizontal 29°01'(Infinity 1/2" sensor)
Angle of view - Vertical 21°52'(Infinity 1/2" sensor)
Angle of view - Diagonal 36°02'(Infinity 1/2" sensor)
Operation - Iris Manual
Operation - Focus Manual
Mount C mount
Filter thread M40.5x0.5
Mass Approx.180g
Operating Temperature Range -10°~ 50°C
Storage Temperature Range -20°~ 60°C
Humidity range 30% ~ 90% (non condensing)

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.