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1/2" Format 3.5mm Focal Megapixel Fixed Lens

The Kowa LM3NC-1M is a wide angle lens used for megapixel applications.

The LM3NC 1M has excellent corner brightness and low distortion.

Focal Length 3.5mm
Iris Range F1:2.4 ~ 16
Image Size 5.4x7.2mm (ø9); 4.8x6.4mm (ø8); 3.6x4.8mm (ø6)
Back Focal Length 10.2mm; in air
Flange Focal Length 17.526mm; in air
Use For 1/1.8", 1/2" 1/3" Mega Camera
Field Angle 5.4x7.2; 4.8x6.4; 3.6x4.8
Horizontal 89°; 82.4°; 66.9°
Vertical 73.8°; 66.9°; 52.7°
Distortion -0.5%; 0.4%; -0.2%
Front ø 28.0mm
Rear ø 10.0mm
Exit Pupil Position 67.7mm
Weight 85g


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