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American Video Equipment : 4PSWT

By: American Video Equipment
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4 Position Sequencing Video Switcher

The American Video Equipment 4PSWT is a four position alarming, homing, bypassing sequential video switcher. One alarm input via a rear cage clamp connector allows homing to camera 4 in a manual mode. Upon release of the alarm input, the switcher continues from where it left off prior to the alarm occurrence. Front panel LED indicators show which camera is currently being homed. The three position toggle switches allow instant manual homing, camera bypassing except upon alarm, and auto sequencing mode. There is a recessed Dwell pot on the front panel to adjust the dwell time from approximately 1 second to 30 seconds.

The 4PSWT is powered by 9-12VDC and is supplied with a UL approved wall transformer.

Video Inputs (Parent & Inset) 1VP-P 75 ohm terminated; toggle switch selectable
Toggle Positions BYpass, Sequence & Home
Video Outputs 1VP-P ohms terminated or unterminated
Dwell Adjust Front panel recessed pot
Dwell Time From approximately .2 seconds to 1 minute
Power 5-12VDC
Power Supply 9-12VDC @ 100 mA
Camera Position LED indicators (4) RED
Video In/Out BNC
Power Input DC Coax 2.1mm x 5.5mm
Alarm Input Screw terminal with quick disconnect
Case Beige Metal 5.13” W x 4.90” L x 1.38” H
Weight 0.60kg. (1.32lbs.)
Box Size 8.0” W x 7.0” L x 2.5” H


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