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VGA GigE Camera with Preprocessing Functions

The Ricoh FV-G030B1 Pre-processing functions and VGA GigE Vision Handles a wide range of inspections, including monochrome image measurement, defect checking, etc. Suitable for applications involving installation in various types of devices that make up a machine vision system

FV-G030B1 features include:

→ High image quality with a CCD global shutter
→ Various scan modes (full, AOI) as standard features
→ Various trigger modes (pulse width, edge preset trigger) as standard features
→ Supports DC iris lens so also excellent for outdoor monitoring uses
→ Excellent for industrial uses as it handles a wide voltage range (10.8 - 26.4 V)
→ Supports updating of camera firmware via Ethernet
→ In addition to camera tripod screw holes, M4 screw holes are located on two sides (top and bottom)
→ Highly rigid case to increase mounting precision

Imager 1/3" interline VGA monochrome progressive CCD
Active picture elements VGA class : 648 (H) x 494 (V)
Cell size 7.4 (H) x 7.4 (V) μm
Vertical frequency (Frame rate) 89.91172 Hz
Horizontal frequency 47.2028 kHz
Pixel frequency 36.818175 MHz
Minimum scene illumination 0.58 lux at F1.2
Sync. System Internal
Video output Digital 8, 10 or 12 bit Raw data GigE Vision
Preset free-run mode 10 μ seconds to 16,777,216 μ seconds
Preset trigger mode 10 μ seconds to 16,777,216 μ seconds
Pulse width mode 10 μ seconds to Unlimited
Gain 0 to 20.4 dB
Gamma Gamma 1.0 (Factory default) or uploadable gamma table
Input voltage 10.8 to 26.4 Vdc
Consumption Less than 5.0 W
Dimensions 35 (W) x 35 (H) x 50.8(D) mm (excluding the connector)
Lens mount C mount
Weight Approximately 120 g
Operational temperature(Min) Environmental temperature -5 deg.C
Storage temperature(Max) Environmental temperature 35 deg. C or camera housing temperature (Top plate): 65 deg. C*
High-speed frame rate of VGA 90 fps

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