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EnduraXpress - Integrated Recording and Management Platform Recorder
The EE500 Series EnduraXpressÖ combines the performance, reliability, and robustness of an enterprise-class, mission-critical storage management system. It offers ease of installation and management that is critical for delivering a cost-effective solution to small-scale installations.

The demands of surveillance applications place unique strains on storage subsystems. Storage systems require the bandwidth and capacity to keep up with incoming streams. They must also simultaneously manage all other common disk and RAID functions. Additionally, physical security applications are typically mission critical. Any downtime, degraded performance for routine maintenance, or loss of recorded footage is extremely disruptive to the organizationĺs physical security mission.

The EE500 Series is engineered to meet these unique performance and reliability demands. Custom hardware components have been specifically designed to deliver sustained high throughput for recording and playback. The EE500 Series can handle a maximum of 250 Mbps of sustained write throughput across 32 or 64 streams and an additional 32 simultaneous playback streams. This performance is maintained whether the system is operating under normal conditions, dealing with disk drive errors, or rebuilding the RAID array.

The EE500 Series improves the total cost of ownership and energy efficiency by consolidating disparate components into a single chassis. The integration of the recording server, recording software, and storage array into a highly optimized chassis can easily support standard resolution and megapixel camera recording workloads. The purpose-built, highly optimized design reduces annual operating costs by eliminating the cost of additional servers and the associated heating, ventilation, and cooling requirements they introduce.

Reliability is enhanced through the use of redundancy at all common failure points. A CompactFlash card hosts the operating system for higher reliability over traditional hard disk drives. To mitigate any downtime resulting from CompactFlash errors, the database is striped across the storage array. The RAID 6 storage configuration provides double parity protection of recorded data. The hard drive bay is cooled through the use of high capacity, redundant fans to ensure that the drives are kept at an optimum operating temperature. Finally, fully redundant power supplies guard against any power supply failure.

As with any other system, maintenance is an important and vital part of sustained operation. The EE500 Series incorporates various innovations to make maintenance more efficient and to allow the system to continue operating at peak performance levels. Easy access to hard disk drives and the CompactFlash card is available from the front panel. A unique rail system allows access to a failed fan should it need to be replaced. Temperature sensors throughout the chassis detect possible airflow obstruction or clogged intake filters. The use of enterprise-class SAS« technology provides advanced enclosure management and monitoring. Notifications of potential or actual issues are transmitted to the specified user interfaces for action through Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) messages and traps.

If additional storage capacity is required, the capacity can be expanded using third-party storage arrays with an optional fibre channel interface.

The EE500 Series incorporates a wizard-driven installation procedure that guides the integrator through a step-by-step installation, which automates most processes. The integrated Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server provides DHCP addresses to IP cameras or client workstations. The integrated network time protocol manager can be directed at a network time server, or it can act as the time source for all cameras and client workstations on the network. The deterministic performance of the hardware and software combination allows integrators to easily estimate, size, and configure the system to meet their storage and performance requirements.

Cameras from the EE500 Series are viewed through a PC running the supplied Endura« workstation client software. The software provides access to all operation and configuration features in a unified, intuitive graphical user interface. The interface utilizes drag and drop operations, keyboard shortcuts, built-in ToolTips, and online Help to enable the most direct, intuitive interactions with cameras and components distributed across the network. In addition, operators can add Endura viewing devices such as the VCD5202 for virtual-matrix style control and network decoders to build out a monitor wall for surveillance operations. Finally, the optional mapping interface allows for a comprehensive view of the entire facility with integrated alarm monitoring and visual verification capabilities.

The EE500 Series software easily accommodates standard resolution, high definition (HD), and megapixel camera sources; decodes MPEG-4 and H.264 (Baseline, Main, and High profiles); includes support for Zone of InterestÖ; direct PTZ control and digital zoom; alarm management; includes the option of utilizing camera sources with intelligent video content analysis at the edge; efficient search and export mechanisms; and a complete administration and configuration console.

The EE500 Series includes built-in support for Pelco IP Cameras. Third-party cameras can be added using an optional UDI5000-CAM universal device interface. Additional user interfaces, including network decoders and virtual console displays, can be added to expand viewing capabilities into a full virtual matrix. As the needs for the physical security system change over time, the EE500 Series can be integrated with an Endura system to provide for unrestricted scalability and expandability to support more cameras and greater retention.

Recording Throughput up to 250 Mbps Meets Demanding Performance Requirements for Write-Intensive Applications
Hardware Designed to Eliminate Single Points of Failure, Including Redundant Fans, Power Supplies, and RAID 6 Storage for Optimum Reliability
Built-in EnduraStor™ Storage Management Increases Storage Efficiency by Grooming Recorded Streams Based on Age and Priority
Ability to Serve 32 Simultaneous Playback Streams
Performance Levels Maintained in Normal and RAID Error Conditions
Built-in Diagnostic Monitoring Provides Preventative Maintenance and SNMP Monitoring
Ships with Two Endura® WS5200 Software Licenses
Software Runs on a Standard PC with Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional and 32-Bit Versions of Windows Vista® Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise Operating Systems
Support for Standard Resolution and Megapixel Resolution Cameras
Support for MPEG-4, H.264 Baseline, Main, and High-Profile Codecs
Zone of Interest┬Ö Allows Independent View and Management of Specified Areas Within a Camera┬ĺs Field of View in Live or Playback Views
Digital Zoom in Live or Playback Views
Convenient Tear-Off Options to Customize Display
EnduraView™ Technology Mitigates CPU Processing Requirements and Network Bandwidth Consumption for Multiscreen Configurations
Integrated Configuration and Administration Interface Provides Full-Management Capability for All Components
On-Screen Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Controls Including Click to Center and PTZ to Selected Area
Advanced Search Capabilities Including Motion, Alarm, Event, and Camera
Integrated Event and Alarm Monitoring and Management Interface
Supports Expandability and Scalability Through Integration with the Endura® IP Video Management System (VMS).

Smaller Correctional Facilities
Municipal Facilities
Hospitals and Health Care
EE532-06-US EnduraXpress 32 Channel, 6TB, US Cord
EE532-12-US EnduraXpress 32 Channel, 12TB, US Cord
EE532-24B-US EnduraXpress 32ch, 24TB, 72K US Crd
EE532-36-AR EnduraXpress 32channel, 36TB, AR Cord
EE532-36-US EnduraXpress 32channel, 36TB, US Cord
EE532F-06-US EnduraXpress FC 32 Channel, 6TB, US Cord
EE532F-12-US EnduraXpress FC 32 Channel, 12TB, US Cord
EE532F-24B-AR EnduraXpress FC 32ch 24TB 72K AR
EE532F-24B-US EnduraXpress FC 32ch 24TB 72K US
EE532F-36-AR EnduraXpress FC 32 channel, 36TB, AR Cord
EE532F-36-US EnduraXpress FC 32channel, 36TB, US Cord
EE564-06-US EnduraXpress 64 Channel, 6TB, US Cord
EE564-12-US EnduraXpress 64 Channel, 12TB, US Cord
EE564-24B-US EnduraXpress 64ch, 24TB 72K US
EE564-36-AR EnduraXpress 64 channel, 36TB, AR Cord
EE564-36-US EnduraXpress 64 channel, 36TB, US Cord
EE564F-06-US EnduraXpress FC 64 Channel, 6TB, US Cord
EE564F-12-US EnduraXpress FC 64 Channel, 12TB, US Cord
EE564F-24B-US EnduraXpress FC 64ch, 24TB, 72K US
EE564F-36-AR EnduraXpress FC 64 channel, 36TB, AR Cord
EE564F-36-US EnduraXpress FC 64 channel, 36TB, US Cord
The following table describes the EE500 model numbers. For example, the model number for an EE564, 24 TB, no expansion unit with United Kingdom power cords is EE564-24B-UK.

Operating System Linux®
Effective Capacity Up to 27.2 TB
Drive Interface SAS/SATA
Recommended PC Requirements - Web Browser Internet Explorer® 6.x (or later) with Adobe® Flash® Player 10 (or later)
Interface 2, 1 Gbps Ethernet RJ-45 ports (1000Base-T)
Auxiliary Interfaces - USB 2.0 3 ports (2 rear, 1 front)
Power Blue Pelco badge
Software Status Green, amber, red (based on diagnostics)
Ethernet Port 1 Green, red
Ethernet Port 2 Reserved
Hardware Status Green, red
Hard Drive Status Green, red
Power Input 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, autoranging
Power Supply Internal, dual-redundant, hot swappable
Power Consumption - 100 VAC Operating Average: 262 W, 2.65 A, 895 BTU/H
Power Consumption - 115 VAC Operating Average: 263 W, 2.31 A, 895 BTU/H
Power Consumption - 220 VAC Operating Average: 254 W, 1.25 A, 868 BTU/H
Operating Temperature 10┬░ to 35┬░C (50┬░ to 95┬░F) at unit air intake
Storage Temperature ┬ľ40┬░ to 65┬░C (┬ľ40┬░ to 149┬░F)
Operating Humidity 20% to 80%, noncondensing
Maximum Humidity Gradient 10% per hour
Operating Altitude ┬ľ16 to 3,048 m (┬ľ50 to 10,000 ft)
Operating Vibration 0.25 G at 3 Hz to 200 Hz at a sweep rate of 0.5 octave/minute.

Note: The temperature at the unit air intake can be significantly higher than room temperature. Temperature is affected by rack configuration, floor layout, air conditioning strategy, and other issues. To prevent hard disk drive failure and unit damage, make sure the temperature at the air intake of the unit is continuously within the operating temperature range.
Construction Steel cabinet
Finish - Bezel Gray metallic with black end caps
Finish - Chassis Black matte finish
Dimensions (without rails) 61.8 x 43.2 x 13.2 cm (24.3" D x 17.0" W x 5.2" H)
Unit Weight - Empty (without drives) 21 kg (46.4 lb)
Unit Weight - Loaded (with drives) 30 kg (66.8 lb)
Shipping Weight 35 kg (77.0 lb)
Mounting Options Rack, 3 RU per unit (rack rails and hardware are supplied)

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