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5 Mega-Pixel Lens (Manual Iris Lens, compatible with 5 mega-pixel cameras)

The FL-CC2514-5M FA lenses for use with 5 mega-pixel resolution and image processing.  These manual iris lenses support 5 mega-pixels (2/3" format). They are perfect for inspection, pattern matching, and alignment uses in which images with high definition from edge to edge definition are needed for large subjects such as wafers, chip mounters, board mounting, etc.


Pentax Equivalent: C32501KP

High resolution and high contrast
Supports 2/3" format, 5 mega-pixel CCD camera with 3.45µm pixel pitch. Achieves 140 lp/mm high resolution from center to periphery. Produces sharp, high-clarity images with high-contrast and low resolution loss all the way to the edge.

Φ43 mm compact design
Consistent with the 44 mm-square cases used by many 5 mega-pixel cameras, we have achieved a size reduction to F43 mm for the outer diameter. These lenses are an excellent choice for installation on high-performance devices.

Extremely small level of optical distortion
For both the FL-CC2514-5M and the FL-CC1614-5M, optical distortion on the diagonals is less than 1%. TV distortion is held to less than 0.2%. The resulting extremely low-distortion images are also excellent for use in the image measurement field.

Bright to the periphery
Despite the Φ43 mm diameter, the optics accommodate 5 mega-pixels with F1.4 brightness. With peripheral-light-intensity falloff held to an absolute minimum, it is possible to obtain bright and high-resolution images. Although they are wide-angle lenses, with the iris open we were able to raise the peripheral light level to 70% (diagonals) and thereby achieve images that are bright and clear all the way to the periphery.

Peripheral Light Intensity Comparison

Format size 2/3, 1/1.8, 1/2, 1/3" format
Focal length 25 mm
Maximum aperture ratio 1:1.4
Iris range 1.4-16
Mount C
Horizontal Angle of View - 1/4" format 8.2°
Horizontal Angle of View - 1/3" format 11.0°
Horizontal Angle of View - 1/2" format 14.6°
Horizontal Angle of View - 2/3" format 19.9°
Minimum object distance 0.1 m
Back focal length 12.3 mm
Filter size 40.5 P=0.5 mm
Dimensions φ43x44 mm
Weight 130 g
Remarks Focus & Iris lock screws

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