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Wide Angle 6mm 1-inch C-mount Lens
With a minimum working distance of 10cm the Kowa LM6HC is a perfect lens for application with limited space between camera and the area of interest. Just as other machine vision lenses from Kowa this new model is constructed to withstand high requirements on vibration, shock and temperature.
Wide Angle Lens
Locking screws for iris and focus
Metal mount
Metal housing
Main Sensor Size 1 inch
Focal Length (mm) 6
Iris Range (F-stop) 1.8 - 16
Focusing Range (m) 0.1 - ∞
Control (Iris/Focus) Manual
Shooting Range at MOD (mm) 0
Resolution (center,corner) 100lp/mm, 60lp/mm
Distortion (TV) -0.2%
Back focus in air (mm) 11.1
Size (mm) Ø54 x 56.6
Weight (g) 215g
Temperature Range (°C) -10°C - 45°C
Angle of View - 1/2 inch 56.4 x 43.2
Angle of View - 2/3 inch 74.1 x 58.0
Angle of View - 1 inch 96.8 x 79.4

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