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Mega-Pixel Vari-Focal Day/Night Lens With DC Auto Iris 8-50mm F1.6

The Tamron M13VG850IR is a mega-pixel vari-focal day/night lens with a DC auto iris. The M13VG850IR has a focal length of 8-50mm and an aperture range of F1.6~360.

→ Simple Choice: The most frequently used focal length range from wide 2.8mm to telephoto 50mm can be covered with just two lenses, realizing a 126.1º to 6.8º horizontal field of view on a 1/2.7" camera.
→ 3 Mega Pixel / Full HD 1080p for both Day and Night: Mega-Pixel for both visible and infrared lighting conditions.
→ Compatible with large image sensors: Designed for 1/2.7" sensors. Therefore useful for 1/2.7", 1/2.8", and 1/3" cameras.
→ Lean Inventory: By this simple line-up, you do not need to keep inventory of various models and the number of product items can be reduced.

Imager Size 1/2.7", 1/2.8", 1/3"
Mount Type CS
Focal Length 8-50mm
Zoom Ratio x6.2
Iris Type DC Auto Iris
Resolution 3-Megapixel/Full HD 1080p
Aperture Range F/1.6 - 360
Wave Length Visible Light - Near Infrared
Weight 1 lb.

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