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Zoom Lens Controller
The SecOptx LAC-LC4 is a Zoom Lens Controller.
Zoom lens controller
For 3-Motor, 2-Motor DC Auto Iris and 2-Motor Video Iris lenses
Iris button does not work on DC or Video type lenses
Power Source AC 100V to 120V, 220V to 240V (Changeable), 50/60ghz
Power Consumption Max. 6W (at AV100V)
Operation 1) Insert the plug and turn the power switch on.
2) Zoom, Focus, and Iris are operated by pushing the button switches. (When using a DC or Video type lens, the iris buttons will not work because the iris is controlled by an internal EE Amp.)
3) At the telephoto position, the image will be larger. Focusiing in the telephoto position is more distinct and easier to accomplish.
Size, Approx 155.2 x 58 x 122mm/ 6.1 x 2.3 x 4.8in.
Weight 1.2kg, 2.6lbs.

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